5 Goals for May

Good morning!

I hope your morning is off to a lovely start so far. Thanks for all of your comments on yesterday’s goal check-in post! I love hearing about how you’re doing and some of you had AMAZING Aprils! I just got in from the gym and my to-do list is long today, but that’s ok because my run made me feel fabulous this morning and I’m ready to attack the day with a vengeance!

This weekend it was time to have a look at the 2011 vision board and decide what it is I’d like to do goal-wise for May.

1. Complete the 100 Mile Challenge.

What’s this challenge you ask? Well, it’s something that I’ve seen a couple of my blogger friends (like Amanda and Lisa) chatting about over the past little while, and I’ve decided that I’m going to join the challenge this month. Although there are a few variations (for example, if you wanted to, you could run, walk, ellipticize, skip, crawl, whatever you fancy!) I’m going to see if I can run all 100. When I’ve trained for races in the past, I know my mileage has been in the 100+ range so I don’t think it should be too difficult. My thoughts behind this are that I’m most likely going to sign up for another race of some sort this summer, so this will be good training to get me back into peak running form!

My workout schedule will look something like this:

None of this is an enormous change to what I do now – I’ve just added a few miles here and there. Although the total says 117.75 miles, I figure I’ll aim to stick to the schedule as best as I can. If there are a few mornings when I can’t run or I wake up and my legs are hating me, those days could be changed to rest days and I’ll still manage to make the 100 mile target. Also, even though the distances don’t vary much from week to week, I plan to mix up the workouts so that I’m not doing the same runs day in and day out. Things are off to a strong start already – this morning I logged 8.9 miles! 🙂

2. Go for at least 5 real (outdoor) runs.

In addition to my 100 mile challenge, I plan to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air – although I’m beginning to think that this year, spring is just another word for rainy season. I’ve mentioned before that I’m far more of a treadmill runner than an outdoorsy type or runner. There’s just so many things you don’t have to worry about when you’re on a treadmill. There aren’t any cars, no traffic lights no uneven pavement to twist your ankle on, and you don’t have to worry about any German Shepherds chasing you down the sidewalk (yes, it happened to me). However, I do realize that running outside is what real running is supposed to feel like, and if and when I decide to do any racing this year, it’d be a good idea to practice without the assistance of a moving belt. Time to resurrect my heart rate monitor and lace up!


3. Start gardening: Improve the state of our flowerbox, grow some herbs, and keep everything alive!

Remember last year when I talked about the woman who came to my house and told me what I should plant in my flowerbox? And remember how there was a duck living in the same flowerbox? Well, even though it’s only April, said duck has already returned and is sitting on eggs. Said woman (thankfully) has not. However, my roommate and I have plans to discourage both from visiting our house by doing some gardening when the weather improves. I do not claim to have a green thumb at all, but my roommate is quite skilled in this area and with her expertise, I think we can make the area look a little more attractive than it does currently…

… and find a way to get rid of this creature:

I’m also planning to try growing some potted herbs on our balcony and keep them alive for the entire month. Yep, an entire month! Watch this space bloggies…. and feel free to contribute whatever advice you’d like! 🙂

4. Enroll in a career advancement course at work.

This is the first real career-oriented goal that I’ve set this year, since I was still fairly new to my job back at the beginning and was still trying to figure out the systems I was working with. My broad career goals for the year are mainly learning and leadership-oriented, so this month I’m choosing to look into a course that is offered through my company for employees entering managerial roles. I’m not really a manager right now or anything – my office doesn’t even have a window!! However, part of my role is to work with and mentor our interns on a daily basis, so I’m hoping that this course will help be do a good job at it!

5. Meditate for at least 5 minutes each day.

This is a goal listed on my 2011 vision board, and when I tried it back in January, I found it supremely difficult to stay focused. This time, I plan to do a little research into guided meditations on iTunes and Youtube to see if there are any that help me to stop my head from wandering off in a million different directions at once. I found that when I was doing Body Flow back in March, the music that played during the meditation tracks helped me to do this, so I’m hoping to find something similar. So to all of you meditation pros out there, are there any fantastic podcasts I should be downloading? Feel free to link up below in the comments section!


Alright, just like yesterday, now it’s your turn to tell me…

What are your goals for May? How do you plan to go about reaching them?


  1. says

    My goal is to be back to running by the end of the month! I had an ankle injury mid-April that I’m finally getting checked out tomorrow… then I hope to be back to spin classes and normal cardio, leading up to finally running again!

  2. says

    i love the variety of your five goals, angela! thanks for sharing your workout schedule – it’s always helpful to see how people set up their workouts to get ideas.
    “…to discourage both from visiting our house…” – thanks for the morning smile! too funny – yes, i hope your planting can keep them away! 🙂
    my may goals: finish reading “the help” and finish a complex/lace knitting project. both are going to be a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!
    have a good day despite the rain – again!!

  3. says

    These are great goals and like a reader said above, I like that they are so versatile! It’s good to have goals that reach out to different parts of your life, both mentally and physically.
    Question for you, how is your journey with slowing down on the gum chewing going? That is certainly still a goal of mine!

    • says

      Ha! Funny you should ask… as my post yesterday indicated…. things didn’t go so hot! I certainly chewed less, but I wasn’t able to go without it all together. Something about it just helps me get through stress and deadlines at work and it’s hard to give up – as I’m sure you know! I’m going to revisit it though. How did it go for you?

      • says

        Woops I just saw your post from Monday! I should have looked before asking haha
        I completely feel ya on the need for gum, especially in times of stress. And on that note, my goal to chew less as a big ole’ fail too 🙁

  4. Kim says

    Love to run outdoors! Have fun with that goal, really, I mean enjoy the heck out of the sun, the rain, the clouds… Get off the dreadmill and enjoy the great outdoors. Make it a spiritual thing if you want. =)

    I love gardening so any goals which lead toward nurturing a plant to vegetable or fruit are near and dear to my heart.

    But Please, please garden around that sweet duck. Or find out how to move her nest with eggs in tact to a safe spot so she knows where they are. Life is too precious to let something happen to them!

    • says

      Moving the nest with the eggs in tact is the plan. There is an area that is much lower down (the flowerbox is raised up quite high so they’d likely have trouble getting down to the ground anyway) and I’m thinking of just moving them down there. A lot of my neighbours have done the same thing so I’m pretty sure they’ll be ok. 🙂

  5. says

    One of my goals for May is to apply for more jobs after graduation and to really try to put my faith in God for Him to secure whatever He wants for me career wise. It’s hard and scary, but I’m doing what I can and then looking to Him for intercession 🙂

    • says

      That’s a great goal! I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there and make the effort to fill out application after application. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it for you in the end though. Good luck Natalia!

  6. says

    What a good idea! you are the second blogger today that I have seen set goals like this. I think it’s a great idea and posting it on the blog holds you accountable to your readers! Brilliant! I might borrow this idea if you don’t mind 🙂


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