You are currently reading a post written by a girl who had approximately 3.5 hours of sleep last night. This same girl normally runs on a minimum of 7, but you see, last night turned into one of the most epic ones in all 22.8198 years of my life, and one that totally warranted a shortage of sleep. Get ready for lots of photos, and I apologize in advance for any blurriness.

As you may recall from Friday’s post, I went to see the Glee cast on tour in Toronto on Saturday afternoon. And yes, it was brilliant as expected.

But.. something even more exciting happened. On Friday morning, my aunt called me to say that she and my cousins had 4 tickets to see Glee’s Sunday night performance, the final one of 4 in Toronto. But these weren’t just any tickets.

These were VIP tickets.

“Do you want to go?” she asked.

I told her to stop asking silly questions.

We had to pick up the tickets at 5pm, and the show started at 8. After parking at the ACC, we moseyed into the VIP area where there was loads of popcorn, M&Ms, drinks and Glee swag.

I also randomly bumped into one of my university buddies whom I haven’t seen since last May. Small world!

Around 7pm we got escorted to our seat. On Saturday, my roomie and I were sitting in section 321.

See it all the way up there next to the words Front Street?? Let’s just say we were a little closer on Sunday night.

Like 3rd row close! Like able-to-smell-the-sweat-on-the-dancers close. A slight improvement if you ask me!

Top show highlights according to me:

  • The opening song, Don’t Stop Believing

  • Mark Salling (Puck) singing Fat Bottomed Girls. During this song, in the bit where he says “get on your bike and ride”, there were 4 spin bikes set up in the back with the girls in the cast riding them. Ummm… Mark Salling and spin – 2 things I’m most passionate about in life, in the same song!??! Ahamaazing.

  • Brittany doing her Britney Spears number. That girl can dance like nobody’s business. The real Britney should watch out!
  • Puck rocking out on his guitar about 2 meters away. {Insert girly scream here}
  • The performance of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

  • My super sexxxxay Warblers tie
  • Darren Criss (Blaine Warbler) singing Teenage Dream and Raise Your Glass. No one makes a navy blazer look quite as hot as he does. 😉
  • The performance of Sing by My Chemical Romance and Katy Perry’s Firework

  • Puck in his Glee jacket
  • Actually, Blaine and Puck doing just about anything.
  • Just being there in general…

  • …and being a total nerd with a foam Loser sign, but being completely fine with it.

Questions of the day:

  • What was your best concert experience?
  • If you could attend any concert and sit in the front row, which one would it be?

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow… I’ve got a recipe for you!