Recap: Try Something New Tuesday #66

Hey there friends!

Happy humpday! How’s your morning going so far? Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on yesterday’s post about bouncing out of a rut. I loved reading all of your tips! If you missed it, be sure to check out the post and read the comments section.

For this week’s Try Something New Tuesday, you’ll notice that I’ve cut down my number of new things from 4 to 3. This isn’t because I’m running out of new things to try – trust me, my list is long! It’s just because I realized that some of my TSNT posts are very, very long, and I don’t want you to have to read an enormous essay. Without further delay, here are the new things for Try Something New Tuesday 66!

1. Recipe of the Week: As you know, I’m a big fan of my barbecue in the summer. This week I decided to tackle a new endeavor – not an overly obscure one, just one that was new to me. In the past, I’ve been skeptical about grilling tofu, fearing that unless I oiled up the grill like crazy, it would just stick to it. However, I’m pleased to tell you that there was no stickiness problems with this (yes, even without any grill-oiling) and the dinner I created in my head, which was  Sesame Ginger Grilled Tofu with Stir Fried Vegetables, turned out to be absolutely marvelous.

I began with a very simple marinade and left the tofu in the fridge overnight and for the majority of the following day. Once on the grill, the tofu didn’t take long at all to get crispy and was super easy to flip.

Thrown on top of some delicious stir fried veggies…

… definitely a meal to be repeated soon!

2. Lululuemon Groovy Run Shorts. Lately I’ve retired a few pairs of running shorts that were looking extremely tired, and in the process, have been on the lookout for a new pair. My usual go-to’s at Lululemon are the Run:Speed shorts, which come in all sorts of fabulous colours and patterns, and fit really well. I wasn’t after colours this time though – the pair I was after had to be all black. This weekend I felt the need to finally secure the purchase, but sadly, the Lululemon I visited didn’t have a solid black pair in that design.

I was thisclose from deciding to just order them online, but then I spotted these lovely babies above on the sale rack – I never find anything on the sale rack!!

They were cheaper than a regular pair of Run:Speed ones, so I figured I’d try the Groovy Run shorts on for size. After all, finding something on sale in Lululemon that might fit? It’d be rude not to give it a whirl, right? 😉

The result? They’re great! I wore them for my 8.8 mile run yesterday morning and was super comfortable. Like many other Lulu shorts, they’re lined and have a back pocket zipper in the waistband. No riding up and no chafing – they’re super soft! The Groovy Run shorts are about 1-2 inches longer than the Run:Speed short, and the waistband is a little higher. They also fit a little more loosely than the Run:Speed ones (I took a size smaller than usual, which was good because it was the only pair on the sale rack!), so keep this in mind if you’re ordering online!

3. A kiwano, also known as a horned melon. Ok, this has to be the most interesting piece of fruit I’ve eaten in a while!

The kiwano has several names, but in the US it’s often referred to as a blowfish fruit. Even though its name sounds a bit like it might be related to the kiwi, it’s actually in the cucumber family. They’re picked when they’re green, then ripen and eventually turn bright orange-y yellow. This fruit is grown in New Zealand, California, Chile and Australia. Any guesses what the inside looks like?


With white seeds that are stuck inside little pods of green juice.

All parts of the kiwano are edible (yes, even the skin) but from what I’ve learned, it’s most common to just eat the inside.

Basic nutrition stats:

  • 25 calories per melon
  • 0g fat, sodium, and cholesterol
  • 40% of your daily vitamin C RDI

I found some fabulous instructions for how to eat a kiwano, but unfortunately didn’t decide to read them until after making my first cut into it. Rookie error on my part. They said to cut the kiwano widthwise instead of lengthwise (or hamburger-wise instead of hot dog-wise as we used to call it in primary school), squeeze the fruit from undeneath, and slurp the insides out of each segment.

As part of my kiwano research (again, done after making that first cut), I found this very useful video:

Rather than slurping the flesh and seeds out of each section, the dude in the video scrapes them into a bowl. This is exactly what I did once I realized it was getting too difficult to suck the juices out without getting them all over my face.

I was quite content to just eat the flesh with a spoon, but if I buy another kiwano in the future, I’m totally making this Kiwano, Banana, and Pineapple Sorbet from Fat Free Vegan.

Source: Fat Free Vegan

So most importantly, what did it taste like? Well, I read that the kiwano is often compared to a mix of cucumber, lemon, banana, and lime. I’d say that’s about right! Although I came across some comments saying that the fruit wasn’t sweet at all, mine was very much so, and a little tart too.

Aside from it being a bit time consuming to eat, I am quite fond of this produce pick – and it was only 50 cents!! Score! 🙂

All in all, another very successful Tuesday of new things! It’s time for me to make a move, so I’ll finish with my questions for today:

  • Have you ever tried a kiwano? What did you think?
  • Runners: Do you have a favourite pair of running shorts? What brand? For me, the Lululemon Run:Speed shorts are my reigning all-types-of-workout style, but I’m loving the Groovy Run shorts almost as much!


  1. says

    That fruit looks very unappetizing, but I said that about avocado for the longest time too. Until I tried it and realized it was amazing! History could be repeating itself right now. 😉

  2. says

    that grilled tofu looks so amazing!! i would never have thought of bbq’ing it. glad it turned out so well!
    i have never even heard of that fruit! thanks for the introduction. it looks very … unique!
    i LOVE my lulu run/speed shorts. i like short shorts for running, so they suit me really well. that was a score finding a sale item at lululemon that you could wear! don’t want to pass up that kind of opportunity!
    enjoy the sunshine today!

  3. says

    I have always wanted to try one of those melons!! I had no idea they are green like that though lol I’m not going to lie…it looks like some sort of alien goo lol I definitely will have to try one soon! And CUTE shorts 🙂

  4. says

    Wow my grandmother had those in her garden they grew on their own. We called them “gaka” meaning cucumber, so they we wild cucumbers to me. They also taste nice if you sprinkled a bit of salt.

  5. says

    That tofu dish looks fabulous! My favorite running shorts are probably the Nike Tempos but on my last long run I did have some problems with chafing for the first time. I am dying to try out some thing from Lululemon one of these days! I just don’t want to buy anything without being able to try it on! lol.

    • says

      I haven’t had a single chafing Lulu pair so I’d definitely recommend them! I’m also usually very skeptical about online shopping but I’ve found that they’re usually very consistent with sizes. If you can get to one of the stores, try on as much as you possibly can so you know your size * just in case * something happens to pop up on sale online! 🙂

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