Guest Post: Getting to know yourself nutritionally

Hey Friends!

I hope your day is going wonderfully so far! While I’ m busy exploring Milan today, I’m leaving you in the perfectly capable hands of one of my favourite blog buddies, Leanne. She’s also a Canadian blogger, and she whips up all sorts of delicious allergen-free goodies over at Healthful Pursuit. Without further delay, over to you, Leanne!

Hello all! My name’s Leanne, and I’m excited to be part of Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat while Angela’s off enjoying Italy.

I visited Angela’s blog for the first time after she’d left a couple of amazingly warm comments on my blog. I was blown away by her positivity and knew that a commenter like that had to have one powerful blog behind her! Since then, I’ve enjoyed coming here and reading about Angela’s quest for the workout that will knock down her muscles, her weekends filled with friends and laughter, and the food selection behind her daily adventures.

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I began blogging over at Healthful Pursuit as a way to connect with my clients and share some of my favorite whole food recipes. Overtime, I fell in love with food photography, my readers, and was surprised at just how much I enjoyed sharing my passion for healthy treats, whole food eats, and balanced living.

There’s nothing that excites me more than filling my life with whole food meals that I know are going to benefit my health for years to come. For me, health is defined as truly understanding oneself and making the proper adjustments to ensure we’re giving our body exactly what it needs. But my approach to wellness wasn’t always like this.

There was a time where all I ate were bags of licorice, baked potatoes, and a whole lot of ketchup.

I wish I was kidding.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to whole foods, began working out and studied to becoming a holistic nutritionist, that I truly began to understand how my food choices directly influenced my overall health.

Since then, I’ve focused on accepting my body, listening to the queues, and switching up things when what I’m doing isn’t working. I’ve gone back to the basics to define hunger pain; what it feels like versus when I’m thirsty, to what my cravings may say about nutrients that I might be deficient in.

Getting to know myself on a nutritional level has been a pretty long process. But, tapping into my innate wisdom has allowed me to truly understand my needs, wants, and nutrient requirements on a level I could have never imagined.

Leading clients down this similar path of balanced eating; to experience the relationship between optimal health and healing foods, makes my work as a holistic nutritionist so rewarding. It is why I love inspiring, educating, and motivating the community to realize the significant impact balanced eating has on achieving optimum wellness.

I’ve found that in order for me to make the most of my diet and maintain a heightened awareness when it comes to my food choices, food journaling is the key. So, a couple of weeks ago we started a food journaling challenge over on the blog, complete with a step-by-step guide and a food journal template.

If you’ve struggled with trying to understand what foods work best for your body, feel full all the time and don’t know why, get tired after meals, bloated at the end of the day, headaches when you wake up… (etc, etc, etc) all of these things can be tracked in your journal and many answers will come to the forefront in just a couple of days!

If you’re interested in the challenge, and getting to know yourself nutritionally, feel free to stop by Healthful Pursuit and join the journaling conversation.

That, or just come say hi, connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or stop by my YouTube channel for healthful tips and advice!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Thanks so much Leanne! Be sure to check out the resources Leanne has linked to – I’ve used a system similar to her food journal and it’s amazing how much you can learn about what’s best for your body. To round off, tell me…

Have you tried food journaling before? Did you find it effective, and if so, how did it help you?


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    I think I view food blogging as my food journal – but your process sounds much more specific (and therefore, useful)! It’s definitely something I want to try in 2012!

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    Wow! Great guest post – I always HATE logging anything, but you are so spot on – keeping a journal is the best way to really see what you are eating and keep you honest. I just bought a new spiral with that very intention…thanks for the positive inspiration to start!


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