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Happy Friday to you! Based on your feedback, it sounds like you guys enjoyed yesterday”s post and printable of my Pantry Staples, and you made me realize that it would be VERY hard to limit myself to just 3 food items I can”t live without. Good thing we have so many amazing, whole, delicious foods to choose from, don”t ya think?

Over to today”s topic…. It”s time for Fit Bit Friday 34!


Work It Out

Two weeks ago I gave you a tough treadmill run that took me about half an hour to complete. It was no joke though – a swift start, some intense intervals, and a hill climb to finish. I also told you about how much I despise hills but am determined to show them who”s boss when I train for the SeaWheeze Half in August. I know it”s still early, but I”ve already begun to do just that. This week”s workout is a progression of Fit Bit Friday 32″s run, with a slightly steeper incline and longer work phases. Instead of pounding it hard for 1 minute at a time, I”ve upped it to 2. Even though the intensity is higher, you”ll still be done in a tidy 30 minutes.


The Kickstart-My-Heart Workout

Pardon the Motley Crue-inspired title, but this run really will get your heart rate soaring! Before hopping on the treadmill, do some dynamic exercises and/or light jogging to get your muscles warm. To start the run, you”ll increase pace over 10 minutes in even increments. When that”s done, the fun starts! Five rounds of 3 minutes each, broken into 1 minute of active recovery/moderate pace (depending on your fitness level – run this at whatever speed you require), 1 minute of an uphill climb, then 1 minute of sprinting as fast as your legs can carry you. As always, be sure to adjust your speeds based on your own abilities. Mine are in mph and are the speeds I ran at, but I”ve included them just to show an example of the increments. After the intervals, take your speed back down to that active recovery/moderate pace level. There”s only 5 minutes left, and you”re going to accelerate smoothly until you”re sprinting in the last one, flying over the finish line. You animal, you!

Click here to print the PDF.

Now don”t stop those legs! Bring the speed back down and jog lightly or walk until your heart rate returns to normal. Stretch it out, rehydrate, and brace yourself for whatever progression I come up with next!

Turn It Up

I no longer watch American Idol, but I used to absolutely love it when I lived in Bahrain. It was a bit like having a little piece of North American home, away from home. Kelly Clarkson has always been one of my favourites, and this remix of Stronger (What Doesn”t Kill You) has been blaring out of my earbuds for a couple of weeks now. Whether you”re pushing through the nitty gritty of a run, cycling up a steep hill, or pumping iron, this is one to spur you along!

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If you could do any destination race or fitness event, where/what would it be?

And with that, have a lovely weekend!