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Hey there friends!

How are ya? Thanks for all your compliments on my loud pants yesterday – glad to hear I’m not the only one loving the trend!

I’ve done a lot of very text-heavy, science-nerdy posts over the past couple of weeks, so I figured today would be a good day for a fun blog survey. Janetha and Stef posted their responses to this survey a little while ago, and today I’m playing along. Let’s go.

A is for age: 23… and 240 days to be precise (yep I calculated it, and yep, I accounted for the extra day in February. #nerd.)

B is for breakfast today: One of my staples, a monstrous green smoothie (a slight variation of my Classic Green Smoothie, but with an obscene amount of cinnamon, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, some chia seeds, and a teaspoon of raw cacao just for extra antioxidants!)…

… and a bowl of cantaloupe and pineapple.

C is for currently craving: Watermelon! I haven’t purchased one yet this year because they’re still $9.99 at the grocery store, but I’m dying to bring them back into regular rotation. My mum will attest to the fact that I can single-handedly go through a large watermelon in a day, and I have a feeling that’s how things will be once they become reasonably priced again. If anyone knows a celebrity in Florida or California (or some other warm-weathered, fruit-producing location) that would like to hire me as their personal chef, I’ll gladly move and take compensation in watermelons. Feel free to pass on my contact info. 😉

D is for dinner tonight: Likely leftovers of a big-batch salad that I made on the weekend. This one was an absolute beauty! In the mix is quinoa, radish, edamame, chickpeas, cucumber, dill, parsley, red pepper, some spiralized zucchini, spring onion, Salad Booster, hemp seeds, and fig balsamic vinaigrette. I’ve been eating it all week!

E is for favorite type of exercise: Hmm.. depends on my mood. Running will probably always be my favourite for many reasons – the endorphins, the ‘me time’, the memories of varsity cross country in university and of my first marathon, and general feeling of being free. But after that, it’s spinning for sure – I know I’m biased because I’m an instructor, but I absolutely love it. I also adore any sort of outdoor workout, and really hope to do some hiking this summer.

F is for an irrational fear: Ok, let me preface this by telling you that I don’t enjoy scary movies. A lot of people say they don’t mind them, as long as they watch all the way to the end and find out that the killer got arrested, died, or whatever. Unfortunately this often doesn’t happen for me because I’ve always had a severe problem with staying awake all the way until the end – regardless of the genre. You know in the movie The Sixth Sense, near the end when the dead girl reaches out from under the bed and grabs Haley Joel Osment by the ankles? I watched this movie for the first time when I was about 11, while sitting on our pull-out sofa bed with my mum in the basement of our old house. There was about a 1-foot gap under the bed, and when the movie finished, I pretty much leaped about 3 feet off because I was scared that some dead person was going to grab my ankles. I wouldn’t say this fear haunts me 12 years later, but if and when I do choose to watch horror movies, I’m always reminded of the dead chick in the Sixth Sense.

G is for gross food: Pickles. And on that note, I’d like to get this Pinterest find framed and hung on a wall in my house, or printed on a shirt:


H is for hometown: Edmonton, Alberta. Home of the Oilers (NHL), the Eskimos (CFL), the Fringe Festival, Candy Cane Lane, the biggest mall in North America, and the reason I will never move back: ridiculously frigid -40C winters.

I is for something important: Family. As I’ve mentioned before, mine live all over the place but I love them all.

J is for current favorite jam: Love Revolution by Natalie Grant. If you see me pretending I’m a rockstar in my car as I drive to work, this is likely the tune I’m belting out.

K is for kids: None yet – one day!

L is for current location: My desk in my room, in my home which is currently the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: I did a fairly uneventful run to the grocery store yesterday after work, which was followed by a painful trip to the gas station where I refilled for $64.73. Remember when we used to think that $1.20/liter was expensive? Gone are the days… *tear*

N is for something you need: Someone to tell me what to pack for Australia and actually pack it for me! I’m about 99% sure I’ll be sitting on my suitcase minutes before I go to the airport next week in attempt to close it!

O is for occupation: Marketing Systems Specialist by day, blogger, fitness instructor, and soon-to-be Personal Health Coach by night.

P is for pet peeve: Over-airconditioned buildings in the summer. Grinds. My. Gears.

Q is for a quote: I have many faves, but one of my faves, straight from He’s Just Not That Into You, is:


R is for random fact about you: Oh there are many! I twirl my hair excessively. In fact, I’m doing it right now. I have a queen sized bed but rarely utilize the full space and normally wake up laying on the left-most quarter. I’ve never broken a bone in my body (knock on wood) and my most severe injury was when I was 2 when I fell out of a Costco shopping cart the day before my family was due to fly to Scotland. I arrived to greet my relatives on the other side of the ocean with 2 black eyes. Precious.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Veggies and hummus (for savoury moods), Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with cinnamon and fruit (for sweet moods).

T is for favorite treat: If we’re talking non-edible treats, it’s a pedicure, closely seconded by a massage. As for edible treats, it’s pumpkin pie, even when it’s not pumpkin season.

U is for something that makes you unique: I lived in the Middle East from 2001-2006 where I had a lot of unique experiences. I talked about a lot of them in my Food from Home series, and if you missed it, check out these posts:

V is for favorite vegetable: Not a fair question at all. I can’t decide! It’s a tie between carrots and Brussels sprouts doused in maple balsamic vinegar. Deeee-vine.

W is for today’s workout: An interval run followed by a little StepMill action, foam rolling, and a killer leg/butt workout that’s coming your way tomorrow!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Not many. I had an MRI done when I was 18. It was because of this crazy incident that happened where one of the nerves that runs from my left eye to my brain thought it would be fun to stop firing (it’s still a mystery as to why) and as a result I developed double vision over the course of a morning. The MRI came back completely normal – a thrill since it could have been something much more serious – and my vision was fine the next day. Go figure.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Teaching my 6am spin class. Those ladies make my day every Wednesday! 🙂

Z is for your time zone: EDT – Eastern Daylight Time

Now it’s your turn! Tell me:

  • What you had for breakfast today
  • One of your irrational fears
  • Something that makes you unique

Ooh and a quick reminder… if you haven’t entered my blog birthday giveaway yet, you still have until midnight Eastern time. Check it out here!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. says

    loved reading your answers, angela!
    wouldn’t it be fun to find that pickle slogan on a tshirt!
    the price of gas is just awful!! and we drive the same type of vehicle so i totally understand your pain!
    i hear you on too cool air-con in summer – definitely a pet peeve of mine, too!
    i loved doing this survey, too, on my blog! such a fun way to find out random tidbits of info about each other!

  2. Danielle says

    Love these surveys! For breakfast, II had a smoothie with raspberries, blueberries, kale and maca! So yummy. Hard-boiled eggs for some extra protein.

    I am also so affected by scary movies! When I was younger even Home Alone scared me! Haha…

    I am a musician – I studied music at university (flute and piano) but I actually started off in the Bachelor of Science program! That didn’t last long… 😛

    • says

      Wow, very cool! I’m definitely NOT a musician but I did take piano lessons for a few months I think… now THAT is something that didn’t last long! I’m glad you found a program you love – can’t say I’m very science-y either! 🙂

  3. says

    I love surveys! And oh my gosh, that Sixth Sense scene? I’m still scared of it! That and the girl throwing up in the tent. Ahhhh!

    I love pickles – but I still laughed at that print. haha!

    Also, you’re the cutest spin instructor pretty much ever!

  4. says

    I always love when you fill out these posts! It is fun getting to know more about you! For breakfast, I had peanut butter toast and a Naked juice… My irrational fears are sharks and needles, and as far as what makes me unique… I lived in Italy for a year, I love to read and always have preferred a good book over TV, and I got my Masters degree before I turned 23 years old. Wow, I feel special now! Hahaha !

  5. says

    I love the alphabetized random facts! And your exact age down to the day – wow.

    As for me breakfast – green smoothie perfect for drinking on my way to work and if I don’t finish it in the car – I can gross out my co-workers with it. 🙂
    Irrational fear – running alone on a dark road if I end up out to late and dusk hits… too many episodes of Criminal Minds – why do they always go for the lone female runner?
    What makes me unique? I own more running shoes than regular shoes and boots combined.

    • says

      Haha I used to get odd looks when I brought green smoothies into work, but now I’ve got some of my co-workers on to them too! I’m like you as well in that I don’t like running in the dark, but it seems like there’s something more scary about running during nighttime darkness than in the morning… for me anyway! I’d love to see your shoe collection! 🙂

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