Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 105

Hi there!

How are you doing today? There’s been a 2-week Try Something New Tuesday hiatus here on Eat Spin Run Repeat, but I’m back with some fab new things to tell you about! Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Recipe of the Week: Mother’s Day is coming up, and the blog world is a-buzzing with special menus for the occasion. I’ll leave the fancy cupcakes to the baking experts, but if it’s a savoury treat you’re looking for, why not use your muffin tins to make some  Mini Veggie Frittatas?

This recipe is an update to my previous Mini Crustless Quiches, which could be a bit temperamental when it came to getting them out of the muffin tins. If you have silicone muffin tin liners, this would be a fabulous opportunity to use them! For the new and improved version, I added some diced bell peppers, spinach, and fresh herbs which really boost the flavour. I’m obsessed with fresh herbs now and have begun growing some basil in my kitchen, but can choose whatever fillings you desire. I think mushrooms, leeks, asparagus, and kale would all make delicious additions!

2. New tea brewing gear from T2. Remember last week when I told you I’d been up to no good in an Australian tea shop? Today I’m revealing the purchases! T2 has a ton of brewing gear – there’s pretty much every type of mug, steeper, tea pot, tea pot cozy, stir stick, and filter you can imagine! After sniffing my way around the shop and trying to determine which teas I wanted to buy, I decided on two:

According to their descriptions:

Sencha Vanilla – One of the all-time classic flavoured green teas. This grassy sencha blend with a hint of vanilla is a balanced sweet sensation. Full flavoured and versatile, the initial vanilla sweetness is tempered by the frisky briskness of the green tea for a harmonious all-day winner. Try iced in summer for a silky smooth way to enjoy the shade.

Toasty Nougat – This creamy golden liquor is positively dreamy, with warm notes of almonds and caramel that defy delicious. A refreshing burst of sweet apple seals the deal. On ice, the nougat nuttiness is even more pronounced – just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. (Caffeine free)

And what did I drink them out of? I couldn’t leave the shop without checking out the mugs, and decided that this one was going to be coming back to Canada with me in my hand luggage:

I’m pleased to report that it made the journey in one piece!

Yesterday morning I enjoyed the Sencha Vanilla with breakfast and the Toasty Nougat tea mid-afternoon. I was pleased that the Sencha Vanilla didn’t taste too ‘green’, but the vanilla notes weren’t as strong as I’d hoped. There are a few things I can never get enough of (Brussels sprouts, Werthers Originals, and watermelon rank high on this list), and vanilla is one of them! When I was at T2, I immediately loved the Toasty Nougat one because it reminded me of Forever Nuts from David’s Tea, my all-time fave. Both of these contain almonds and apple pieces, which I seem to have a natural attraction to! I enjoyed this one a lot. It smells nice and dessert-y but isn’t sickly sweet. It’s also caffeine free, which means I can drink it after dinner and not worry about being up all night.

3. Morels. I cannot tell you how long I’ve been looking for these!! They’ve been on my list of things to try for at least a year now and I only just spotted them at Whole Foods about 3 weeks ago. In case you’re unsure of what morels are, they’re a type of fancy mushroom used a lot in French cuisine. They’re often sauteed and used to top meat in their whole form, or in sauces made with butter. The type I bought were dried, so I had to soak them in water for about 25 minutes to reconstitute them.

From what I’ve read, the dried variety impart a more smoky flavour in the dishes they’re added to, and are available year round unlike the fresh version. (Well, supposedly… but I had to look for quite a while to find these ones.)

In effort to make some of my recipe photos look prettier, I searched my Recipe page for one where I could test out the morels. My friend Carolyn tells me that she’s made this Mushroom Stuffed Chicken repeatedly, which I was surprised to hear since the old photo looked particularly unappetizing. See?

Rather than using regular mushrooms, I substituted the same quantity of reconstituted mushrooms for the 2 cups called for in the recipe. It only took 1 package of dried morels to make 2 cups of rehydrated ones.

Stuffing the chicken…

When the dish finally came out of the oven, I had this:

It looked a lot nicer than the previous version, and smelled really good too! As for the taste, the morels definitely created a more earthy flavour than regular button mushrooms – but in a good way, not a this-tastes-like-dirt sort of way. They were nutty and a little meaty, and on the whole very pleasant.

Now it’s time for my questions for today:

  • Have you ever cooked with any gourmet mushrooms? What did you make? Aside from button and portobello mushrooms, I’ve used shittakes, oyster, and enoki – mainly in Asian inspired dishes. Portobellos reign supreme in my books!
  • Will you be making anything special for Mother’s Day? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell!)

Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  1. says

    i bet it was hard to limit the amount of tea varieties you wanted to try, angela! your choices sound wonderful!
    we are going out for mother’s day to sole, so no prep needed which is fine by me!
    great work with the morels – i pretty much stick to button mushrooms!
    happy wednesday!

  2. says

    I love mushrooms although I don’t really consider them gourmet, even though I use non-white ones almost exclusively. I think my favourite are oyster mushrooms and I made a fabulous black bean and oyster mushroom taco with a mango salsa dish recently…. although I think with king oyster mushrooms, my neatest dish was making raw calamari! You couldn’t even tell it was made with mushrooms. 😉

    • says

      Agreed! You can’t go wrong with butter and mushrooms. It looks like your mom is going to be one very well-treated lady on Sunday! Kristin is great and her recipes are amazing, so I’m sure you’ll all enjoy the quiche. Fruit salad is a brunch staple for me too!

  3. says

    Wow, everything looks so good!! Nougat tea..OMG!!! I made quiche similar to the fritatas this past good and fast! I haven’t used gourmet mushrooms but I am sure they are wonderful in dishes!! Happy Wednesday!

  4. says

    Love that tea mug!! I am slightly averse to mushrooms (I’ll eat them in small quantities) so I haven’t been too adventurous when cooking with them. That recipe you created makes me want to try though!

    • says

      I used to despise the cooked kind and would only eat them raw (with ranch dressing to be precise!) but I love them now, especially in Italian and Asian inspired dishes. Let me know if you give this one a whirl – white mushrooms work just fine as a stuffing if you don’t want to buy the fancy kind!

  5. says

    Not going to lie, the look of the mushrooms freak me out haha. Something about the texture throws me off. The tea sounds great, I love David’s Tea forever nuts as well 🙂

  6. jill says

    Hi Angela,
    Just wanted to say that I do love your blog….and if you ever want to do a trial of being a “health coach” to anyone…I’ll do it 🙂
    I can’t afford coaching…but would love for someone to give me a daily meal plan and exercise suggestions for a week, or a month 🙂 Just email me anytime 🙂

    (…a girl’s gotta try!)

  7. says

    I will not be making anything on Mother’s Day! I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride…… I’ve never had gourmet mushrooms.

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