Good morning Friends!

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week. Mine seems to have flown past, and I’m really looking forward to relaxing this weekend. I plan to squeeze a run in tomorrow morning, and of course, make the trek to see my mum for Mother’s Day. But before we kick off the weekend, let’s talk fitness. After a couple weeks of guest posts, I’m pleased to report that I’m back with a new Fit Bit Friday workout for you!


Work It Out

We’re venturing outside this week, bloggies. No gym, no treadmill, no machines, no dumbells! Lace up your running shoes because we’re headed to the park!


The Walk in the Park Workout

Don’t be deceived – this isn’t quite as easy as the title makes it sound! I love today’s routine because it allows you to get out of the gym and into the gorgeous fresh spring air.  You’ll want to find a location that has a hill you can run repeatedly, as well as a bench for the strength exercises. A park is ideal, but if you want to improvise elsewhere then that’s fine too. 😉


Start off by doing a short cardio warm-up – perhaps jogging to the park that you choose. You’ll then alternate between strength sets and cardio spurts. Each round of strength work gets longer as you go, and the cherry on top of the workout is a cardio blast made up of 4 parts that you’ll do as fast as you can. When you’ve finished, be sure to cool down with a stretch and keep those legs moving (for example, by walking back home).

Click here to print the PDF.

Here are a couple of visuals to demonstrate the less-intuitive moves:

Bench step-ups with knee raise:


Bench split squats: You can do this one with your arms at your sides, or behind your head to challenge your balance.


Turn It Up

My roommate will likely kill me for posting a T Swift video today (she’s really not a fan) but this is a fabulous workout jam! Today’s tune is a metal cover of Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift and while I wouldn’t consider it metal at all, I do like the pounding beat of the guitar and drums booming in my earbuds when I’m running and lifting. You won’t find Miss Swift appearing in this video though – just a dude jamming on his guitar. I think he’s pretty awesome.

Good, don’t you think?

Have A Read

Alrighty friends, I’m off for now, but I’ll see ya back here on Monday! Before you go, tell me…

  • What workouts are on your agenda this weekend?
  • In the spirit of Mother’s Day on Sunday, are there any fitness activities that you and your mother/daughter both have in common? I definitely didn’t get my running talents from my mum, but she and I both like swimming. In fact, she’s the one that got me into my early-morning fitness regimen. When I was younger, she’d always go for a swim before we got up for school, and sometimes I’d go with her. To this day, both of us still enjoy our morning workouts and you can usually find us up at the crack of dawn!