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Only a few hours till the weekend and I”m pumped! Last weekend involved lots of driving, unpacking, and trying to clean up my house (which always looks like a bomb site after I get back from a trip, no matter how short), and I”m SO looking forward to chilling out a bit over the next couple of days. I”ve got some new fitness classes to try and a fun lunch date with one of my besties, both of which have got me equally excited. What will you be getting up to? If you”ve got fitness on your agenda, let me help with this week”s Fit Bit Friday!


Work It Out

If you read last week”s Fit Bit Friday post, you”ll know that I”ve kicked off a new challenge for November. Today is the second of four workouts and in accordance with the name of the challenge you won”t need any equipment to get “er done! If you”re looking for all of the routines in this month”s series, you can find the No Equipment November Challenge page under the Workouts menu above.


No Equipment November Challenge – Part 2

Just like the previous workout in this series, the instructions for this workout are simple. You’ll perform the specified number of reps for each exercise in a circuit-like fashion, as quickly as you can but with good form. Rest for 1 minute and record your time for that first round. Then repeat the sequence 3 more com – the number one source to play free slots for fun online. times, aiming to better your time with each attempt. This is a short workout, but the work periods should feel intense! Explanations of the back and forth frog hops, plank jacks, and plank punches are provided below.

Click here to print the PDF.

Back and forth frog hops – Start in a squat stance with knees over ankles (don”t let them creep in front of your toes!) Hop forward, landing softly in squat stance. Then hop back to your starting position. Use your arms, swinging them to help you gain momentum.

Plank jacks – Get into high plank position on the floor. Keeping hands in high plank and a straight line from your spine all the way down to your ankles, hop the toes outward as if you were doing a jumping jack. Hop them back to the starting position and repeat for all reps.

Plank punches – From your plank jack position, lower into low plank and immediately move into this move. Alternating one arm at a time, look forward and punch directly in front of you. Continue alternating arms, keeping torso engaged and aiming to keep the rest of your body as still as possible.

Turn It Up

A couple of weeks ago, my featured workout jam was one of Suzie McNeil”s latest, Stay. Well, it appears I can”t get enough of her songs these days because I”ve got another one on repeat this week! Let”s Go is one of those tunes that just makes you feel happy to be alive (or at least it has that effect on me), and one that”s sure to give you a boost of energy first thing in the morning.

Have A Read

Here”s your weekly fitness news roundup:

Before you leave to enjoy this fine Friday, tell me…

  • What”s the greatest fitness challenge you”re currently facing?
  • What”s on your agenda this weekend?

Alright, let”s get this Friday going, shall we? In the words of Suzie McNeil, “it”s a beautiful day, don”t you throw it away!” Have a great weekend!