Hey there!

Happy last day of November!!! Yesterday on the radio, the DJs announced that after today, there are only 25 more days till Christmas and only 31 left in 2012. WHAT?! Already?! I can’t believe how fast time seems to be flying. Ever since I finished university in 2010, it’s like life has been on fast forward! Does anyone else feel the same?

By now, you guys know that a new month here at Eat Spin Run Repeat means new goals and a new fitness challenge. We’ll talk goals on Monday, but today I’m kicking off a brand new workout series and I hope you’ll join me in this one because it’s going to be fabulous!


Work It Out

If you’re a fair weather runner like me, you likely refuse to run outside when there’s snow and ice covering the pavement. In fact, I aim to minimize outdoor time in general during our long winter months because I’m such a wuss when it comes to the cold. Therefore, this month’s 5-part challenge takes place 100% indoors. Oh, and if you’re not a runner, don’t worry – this series takes place on the cardio deck but I’m switching up the machines every week so that boredom will not be in your workout vocabulary. Without further delay, let’s get moving on the……

Cardio Deck December Challenge from Eat Spin Run Repeat

The Cardio Deck December Challenge – Workout 1

To kick things off, let’s jump on the cross trainers. Depending on your gym, you may have the type of elliptical that has moving handlebars, or they might be the stationary kind that you just hang on to for support. I prefer the moving ones, but either will do in this case, as long as you can adjust the resistance and incline. You’ll log 45 minutes in total, conquering 4 hills with the biggest ones in the middle. The resistance and incline numbers I’ve given here are a guide and provide enough of a challenge for me on the cross trainer that I used for this workout, but be sure to adjust for your own fitness level. The calibration on other cross trainers could be different, so do what feels challenging (and safe) for you.

Cardio Deck December Challenge Workout 1

Click here to print the PDF.

I’ve allocated 2 minutes to cool down at the end of the workout, but be sure to take a little longer if your heart rate still feels higher than normal at the end of this time. It’s also a fabulous idea to stretch – trust me, your hard working glutes will thank you later!

Turn It Up

Today’s tune is one that I wasn’t loving when I started hearing on the radio, but over the past couple of weeks, it’s really grown on me. Sometimes when I’m running on the treadmill, I fall into these meditative-like states where I don’t even notice my legs working to keep me moving along. Of course, falling into one of these trances is greatly facilitated by musical selection, and Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia fits the bill. Add it to your playlist and let me know if you think the same!

Have A Read

Ok friends, time to get this Friday started! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and before you leave, tell me…

  • Are there any songs on your playlist that really help you get in the zone?
  • What piece of gym cardio equipment do you dislike the most? For me, it’s the recumbent bike. It has a loyal group of riders, I know, but in comparison to a spin bike, the recumbent bike feels like I’m floating down the river in one of those foot-propelled paddle boats!