Hey there!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was super low key and quiet, but that’s exactly how I intended for it to be. In addition to crossing off a few items on my list of goals for November, I had an awesome workout, caught up on sleep, and made some kitchen magic. It was just what I needed! Speaking of November goals, it’s time to look back and see how I did!

It was a month full of big decisions made in my life, one of which I hope to be talking about on the blog in the early new year. (It’s not an enormously devastating or life-changing piece of news, don’t worry!) I was busy at work and busy at home, but progress was still pretty awesome on the goal front. Here’s the breakdown:

Oh you bet I did! And not only am I done, but I’m really done, as in the presents are all purchased, wrapped, and the Christmas cards are very nearly complete too! I think this is the most prepared I’ve ever been for Christmas, and I’m thrilled that I won’t have to go anywhere near a busy mall or parking lot until well after the big day. Well, that doesn’t include Costco (a near-weekly event for me, given the crazy amount of veggies I like to consume), but as far as shopping malls go, you won’t find me in one until Boxing Day!

Done! The first one I tried was anti-gravity yoga (also known as aerial yoga), and I blogged about my full anti-gravity yoga experience here. It was a challenge, to say the least! I’m a cardio queen, and if you put me on a treadmill or outside on a nice day, I’ll run for hours. However, trying to get me to do a workout that is acrobatic or gymnastics-inspired whatsoever is a sure recipe for entertainment on the part of the spectator and pain on mine. Even though I don’t think anti-gravity yoga is my thing, I’m glad that I tried it nevertheless.


For my second group ex class, I attended a foundation yoga class on a Saturday morning after a moderately-difficult cardio session. I think I was probably the youngest person in the room by about 20 years, but I totally didn’t care because the yoga itself felt awesome. It was more of what I would describe as a restorative class as opposed to a yoga basics sort of class, and I loved how the instructor led us through positions using the blocks (like the one show below) that I wouldn’t normally do in other yoga classes. Despite the fact that it looks a bit awkward, this pose was actually really comfortable!


The class was the perfect way to kick off a weekend. Even though it wasn’t hot yoga (my preferred style), I was left feeling nice and loosey goosey afterwards.

The third class was a bootcamp-style one, which was a mixture of cardio-based drills and ones with weights. (Think squat-to-overhead-press, rows in high plank position, mountain climbers, shoulder presses, and lots of squat variations.) I can’t say I really loved the class, but the point was to try 3 that were new to me, and this class helped me hit the goal!

Oh I did indeed! While I don’t think I could do Insanity and just Insanity as my workout routine, I certainly enjoyed adding in the high intensity sessions a couple of times each week. I wrote a detailed review of my thoughts on Insanity earlier in November and those thoughts still hold true after having done it for 4 weeks. Again, I didn’t do it every single day as the program prescribes, and if you’re a runner, I’m not sure I’d advise it either. I am a very grumpy girl if I don’t get a few runs in each week, and all of that in addition to Insanity would be really tough on the knees and ankles. Having said all of that though, if you’re a super early morning exerciser like me and don’t often get to attend group exercise classes because they aren’t offered as early as you’d like, you might just love this. Even though the month is over, I’m still letting Shaun T bring more of his insane madness to my mornings on a weekly basis.

If there is a goal I really didn’t do so well on, this is it. To my credit, I did, more often than not, take at least a minute before each meal to either breathe deeply, say grace, or do some combination of the two. But unfortunately that doesn’t mean I actually ate my food in a mindful way. I could tell you all about how I was super busy at work and had to eat while getting projects done at lunchtime, and how on many nights I was just stressed and tired and wanted to eat dinner quickly so I could cozy up in my pjs and read magazines, but those are crappy excuses. To me, mindful eating is a skill that we develop and those that are really good at it are mindful even in the most busy and stressful of times. Although this was one of my goals for 2012 in general, I can see myself carrying it into 2013 was well.

I’ll leave it up to the students I presented in front of to decide if what I said was truly awesome, but it was certainly a fun experience and I think I at least gave them some insight into my experiences with social media and blogging. We talked about all sorts of things like blog design, brand partnerships, increasing traffic, community participation, and best practices when it comes to personal branding across social media platforms. A few lucky participants also got to enjoy some snacks courtesy of my friends at Love Grown Foods, and free food always goes over well with university students! I loved the opportunity to speak to students as an Alumni (and I feel SO old typing that) and hopefully I’ll get to do it again soon!

And now, for the last time in 2012, here are my….

5 Goals for December

1. Drink 3 green juices per week.

Since I’ve now got a snazzy new juicer, I am planning to put it to (almost) daily use this month. I’ve been waking up feeling a bit congested over the past couple of weeks which makes me thing my body is trying to fight off a cold. Therefore, I’m going to ensure I’m getting plenty of vitamins and minerals to boost my immunity, and juicing is a perfect way to do that! I’ll be sharing some of the recipes over the course of the month, and in case you missed it, check out my Purple Potion #9, one of my favourite blends to date!

2. Complete my end-of-2012 list of projects at work before Christmas.

I don’t normally talk about work goals on the blog and this is probably not a super exciting one for you to read, but suffice it to say that I’ve got a list of 6 things I really, really want to get off my plate before the Christmas holidays. There are a bazillion things I’ll be responsible for accomplishing in 2013, so the sooner I can tick these ones of my list, the sooner I can get a head start on those new projects.

3. Give to those in need.

‘Tis the season for Christmas, spending time with family, eating lots of delicious food, and cozying up by the fire with a hot beverage. That’s what Christmas has always involved for me, but as I’m sure we’re all aware, not everyone has those luxuries that we so often take for granted. This month, I’ll be making an extra special effort to give to people that are less fortunate than me, whether that means donating warm clothes to the Salvation Army, dropping off food at the Food Bank, or just being a generous person with little random acts of kindness. It’s so true that giving makes us feel even better than receiving, so why not make ourselves feel GREAT and give LOTS?! If you live in Canada and want to do just that, click on the image below to find a Food Bank location near you.


4. Unplug over the holidays.

In order to accomplish goal #2, I’m going to be spending a significant amount of time in front of a computer screen and either tapping or talking on my phone. Tack those hours on to the time I log as a blogger each week, and that’s a lot of connectedness! This Christmas, I’m planning to go on a bit of a digital diet and only check my email a couple of times each day. My sister will be coming over from the UK and we’ll be visiting with lots of family, so I plan to focus my attention on them instead of my iPhone, inbox, and computer.


5. Make more ‘me’ time.

Just after typing that, I thought “does that sound indulgent and selfish and counter-productive to goal #3?” but I’ve decided it is not. As I’m sure is true for you as well, December is going to be a packed month with holiday get-togethers, traveling, and other commotion that goes with the holiday season. As I mentioned, I feel a bit of a cold coming on and in order to fight it off, I’d like to do what I can to keep my stress levels low. Whether that’s getting a massage, doing yoga, going for a swim, spending time in the sauna at my gym, or going to bed earlier than I did when I was 10, I’m doing it this month!!

Alright, that’s more than enough about me! Now it’s your turn!

  • What goals did you set yourself for November? How did you do?
  • What’s going on for you this December? Any big targets or goals that you’re still looking to hit before the end of the year?