Alas, we’ve reached the final post in the Juicy Tidbits series! We’ve covered lots so far, and if you’re just joining in, feel free to get caught up by reading the previous posts:

Back in Juicy Tidbits 102, I told you that it’s entirely possible to make the same green juice in a Vitamix that is made in a juicer. Today I’m going to prove it to you with two videos so you can see both appliances in action! Yes, the first videos to ever be published on Eat Spin Run Repeat with yours truly in them. It’s a big day, folks!

mango and pineapple

Just a quick note – I don’t know why there’s a bit of a blurriness in this video, but it appears I did something different in the second that improved it. Live and learn I suppose!

First up: Green juice a la Vitamix:

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But wait! There’s more!

If you haven’t seen a juicer in action before, this is mine making the same recipe a la juicer:

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As I mentioned in the first video, if you’re anti-pulp, you can check out my method for straining it out with tights here. But more importantly, if you’re getting thirsty and you’d like to get your hands on the Sunny Greens recipe that I made, you’ll find the blender and juicer versions over on!

Get the recipe!

Sunny Greens juice

Now I want to know:

  • What is your all-time favourite beverage? It doesn’t have to be a green juice!
  • For my fellow juice-a-holics, feel free to link up to your best blends!