Hey there friends!

Have I ever got new things to tell you about today! Let’s not waste any time this morning and get straight into it.

1. Recipe of the Week. Oh spring, where art thou?! As I mentioned on Monday, lately I’ve had grand intentions of getting up on the weekend and heading outside for my long runs, but it seems every time I wake up, there’s more snow on the ground! However, something inside of me has decided that if I eat lots of spring-like dished full of colour and fresh flavour, somehow the warm weather will come sooner. Take for example, my lunch on Sunday, which consisted of these lovely ingredients:

cucumbers peppers and quinoa

cooked quinoa

pine nuts mint and parsley

Pine nuts are a nut that I think is often forgotten, but it’s a real shame because they are so lovely and crunchy, yet buttery and smooth at the same time. And when mixed together with some quinoa, peppers, cucumber and herbs, the result was pure magic.

Cool Cucumber Quinoa Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

This Cool Cucumber Quinoa Salad, and when served on top of a mound of greens, it makes for a perfectly satisfying (and super healthy) lunch. It gets its plant-based protein from quinoa, healthy fats from the pine nuts, and a zing of citrus thanks to the fresh orange juice that the quinoa is cooked in. Oh, and if you’re sick of quinoa, don’t worry – I’ve included instructions for cooking whole wheat couscous too.

Cool Cucumber Quinoa Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here for the recipe!

Cool Cucumber Quinoa Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

2. New kicks! Actually, 2 new pairs of kicks. Meet the latest stars of my Fit Bit Friday featured images, and my new training partners:

new asics running shoes

As I’ve discussed before, I’m a loyal Asics girl and almost always buy the GT-2160s or 2170s, both of which have DuoMax (mild stability control for overpronators) in the arch. My current 2170s definitely don’t owe me any more miles, and I was really looking forward to buying a new pair in a new flashy colour. Unfortunately for me, the colour combo for this shoe at Sport Chek were no different from the pair I currently own. They were, however, having a buy one get one 50% off sale, and honestly, who can resist a BOGO on running shoes!?!

new asics running shoes

Clearly not I.

Both of these pairs were bought last weekend, and I decided to test drive the GT-1000 pair (the hot pink and black ones with the breast cancer ribbon) in the gym all throughout last week, then switch to the Gel Cumulus 14 pair yesterday for Try Something New Tuesday.

Asics GT-1000 review

First let’s chat about the GT-1000s. Like my usual GT-2170s, these ones have DuoMax support. I was (obviously) drawn to their colour immediately but when I did my usual flip over to see if the DuoMax strip was there, I was even more excited. I learned that these shoes have the same heel setup as the GT-2170s; one with a good amount of cushioning that I’ve become very accustomed to. I ran a total of 26 miles in these last week (all on the treadmill) and so far, I’m really happy with them.

Asics Gel Cumulus 14 Review

Over to the Gel Cumulus 14 pair, which co-ordinates very nicely with the majority of my workout gear thanks to the fabulous bright colours. These do not have DuoMax but, like the description states, they have a ‘surprisingly stable platform suitable for underpronators and mild overpronators.” The main thing I noticed that was different between this pair and the GT-1000s (and GT 2170s) was the feeling in the material around the heel. While the Gel Cumulus 14 seemed to ride lower on my ankles, I also felt that these shoes had more cushioning. After learning a little more about the shoe, I’m suspecting that this is because of “P.H.F”, which is Asics’ acronym for Personal Heel Fit. There are two layers of memory foam that “line in the collar and mold to the athletes heel, creating a personalized fit”. Interesting. I think I like it!

asics gel cumulus 14

I’ve only tackled 2 runs in the Gel Cumulus 14s so far, and I’m still trying to decide which pair I prefer. Neither seem to have the same amount of cushioning in the forefoot as the GT-2170s, but this hasn’t been a problem (yet anyway). The GT-1000s seem to have a roomier toebox and the familiar heel cradling that I like, but the Gel Cumulus 14s are really comfortable too. I guess I’ll just have to keep running! My plan is to alternate weeks with each pair throughout my training so that by the time my May 5th race rolls around, both are equally broken in and race-able.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Now tell me:

  • Do you always buy the same model of running shoe, or do you like to mix things up every time you buy a new pair?
  • Did you try anything new yesterday?

PS. I’m not normally a Thursday blogger,  but there’s an extra post coming up for ya tomorrow. Stay tuned! 😉