Pico de Gallo Shrimp Cocktails

Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 157

Hey there lovelies!

How’s your week going? Mine got off to a bit of a nasty start with a trip to the dentist for a filling, but on the bright side, I’ve logged some great workouts over the past couple of days. As I type this, there is some serious ab burnage happening! Even though muscle soreness is never really pleasant, it helps to reassure me that I’m making progress.

The gym isn’t the only place where great things have been happening. I can’t wait to show you what’s been coming out of my kitchen lately!

1. Recipe of the Week. Cinco de Mayo was last Sunday, but don’t take off those sombreros just yet. This week’s healthy recipe is super simple to throw together and combines a whole bunch of fresh, vibrant ingredients.


Shrimp cocktails have always been one of my favourite appetizers, and a family gathering just isn’t complete without a great big tray of fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce (the red kind, not the creamy kind). While the shrimpies on their own are delicious, I decided to invite a few more friends to this little cocktail party…

pico de gallo mix

sliced avocado

Yes, avocados again. I can’t stop, I’m sorry.

pico de gallo mix

Meet my new favourite appetizer (well, tied with the Green Curry Shrimp Rolls), Pico de Gallo Shrimp Cocktails. The key here is letting all of the ingredients sit together in a big bowl for at least 15 minutes so they can soak up the lime juice and soften a wee bit. You can even make this recipe ahead of time if you like – leaving in the fridge for a couple of hours will make the flavours that much stronger. Being patient isn’t easy when you’ve got this sitting in front of you…

pico de gallo mix

…but I promise that it’s worth the wait.

Pico de Gallo Shrimp Cocktails

Pico de Gallo Shrimp Cocktails

I’ll make these if you bring the margaritas, deal?

Pico de Gallo Shrimp Cocktails

Click here for the recipe!

Pico de Gallo Shrimp Cocktails

2. Fresh fava beans. Just like my globe grapes last week, these beans are HUGE!

fava beans in pods

I found them at the grocery store on the weekend, and although canned fava beans certainly aren’t hard to come by, I wanted to try my hand at making something with the fresh kind. Apparently they’re very easy to grow at home, and like other beans, are full of fiber and protein. 1 cup cooked contains about 185 calories, 9g fiber and 13g protein, and is packed with phytonutrients, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

fava beans in pods

I schooled myself on how to shell the fresh fava beans here. This is the gist of how it’s done:

  1. Boil some water in a pot on the stove.
  2. As it boils, start shelling the beans by snapping off the stem and leaving the stringy bit in tact with the rest of the pod.
  3. Pull the stringy bit down the middle of the bean to open the pod.
  4. Scoop all the beans out.
  5. Add some sea salt to the boiling water in the pot, along with the beans.
  6. Turn the heat down and simmer for 1 minute while you fill a large bowl with ice water
  7. Drain the beans and put them straight into the ice water.
  8. Once the beans are cool enough to handle, use your fingers to slip the skins off of each one.

In pictures…

shelling fava beans

shelling fava beans

shelling fava beans

raw fava bean

fava beans in bowl

So what did I do with them? Well, after blanching them in water as the instructions indicated, I made a salad (are you surprised?) with some spiralized purple beets, snap peas, radishes, parsley, dill, and lemon juice. I also added 1/2 can of flaked light tuna for extra protein.

green salad with beets, dill, tuna and fava beans

It wasn’t until after taking these photos that I realized I’d completely forgotten to do step 8, which meant that all of the little skins were still on my fava beans. #fail. However, it only took a few minutes to pick around in my salad to pinch them off, and even though I may have missed one or two, this was SUCH a good lunch! The beans were nice and meaty, and tasted so good coated in my lemony dill dressing. They were sort of buttery and smooth, especially the ones that I remembered to take the skin off of! In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy more and make a lemon and dill fava bean dip, or maybe a hummus….. oh the possibilities!

green salad with beets, dill, tuna and fava beans

 So tell me…

  • Did you try anything new yesterday?
  • Have you tried fava beans before? Any great recipes to share?


  1. cath/waterloo,ON says

    vibrant colours in the photos, angela – beautiful!
    in answer to your q’s…no and no!
    i’ve only ever purchased tinned beans…and i can’t recall if i have tried fava! anyway, your recipe innovations are great!
    have a wonderful day!

  2. says

    Your shrimp cocktail looks delish (thanks for making the recipe so easy to get to and pin!!). I love anything with avocado!!!

  3. says

    Haha I am also obsessed with avocados… who isn’t? Both of those recipes are so colourful (great pics btw). I’m going to have to make a vegan version of that salad; dill and beets are one of my favourite salad combos!

  4. says

    I saw the other day on Dr. Oz (I was on vacation and vegging out on the couch) that fava beans are a great dopamine booster, which apparently can help supress cravings? Super interesting. They suggested pureeing the beans into a dip with veggies which sounded interesting… 🙂

  5. says

    This salad looks really good – although I don’t know if I would go through the effort to peel the beans. One summer I was back in Manitoba on my husband family farm and spent 2 hours on fresh peas. I was like “holy jeez, thank goodness for the organic frozen kind ’cause momma don’t have the patience for this!”

  6. says

    Don’t get me started on avocados. I sincerely hope there is not a daily limit because I have been tossing them on my morning eggs, in my salad, on my fish…it is becoming a problem.

    Also, your shrimp cocktail shot glasses are the cutest things ever.

  7. says

    Thank you so much for the fava bean information! I just had the most INCREDIBLE Fava Bean Risotto in Paris (I know I know why did I come home?) and need to recreate is ASAP. The shrimp cocktail is so pretty! I will make it as soon as we have food in the house again!

    • says

      Oh my goodness, that is awesome that you got to go to Paris! Fava Bean Risotto sounds amazing. Let me know if your re-creation turns out because I’d love to incorporate them into more recipes (and have fun grocery shopping!) 🙂

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