Hello there!

How’s your week going? I have to admit, this one has been pretty relaxing for me so far. Workouts-wise, I’m still taking it easy (as discussed on Friday), which admittedly is tough to handle from a mental perspective, but otherwise it’s all good! Meals-wise, there have been some absolute stunners coming out of this kitchen! This includes today’s featured recipe, so let’s talk about that right now…

1. Recipe of the Week. I’ve waxed poetic about how much I love green juice in the past, and in my 4-part juicing series, I shared some of my favourite blends. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been craving more juices than smoothies, and have concocted a new blend that has become a weekend morning staple.

Morning Kickstarter Green Juice ingredients


sliced cucumber

This Morning Kickstarter Green Juice is packed with ingredients that are naturally detoxifying, hydrating, and delicious when combined together. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge grapefruit fan, and you won’t find me eating them straight-up with a spoon. The thing is, they’re crazy high in vitamin C (a super immunity booster), and contain antioxidants to protect our cells and prevent cancer. Nutrition benefits aside, they add a lovely tart-yet-sweet flavour to this juice.


lemon and grapefruit

So next time you wake up feeling a little less than ready to take on the world, try chugging back one of these. You’ll be feeling more alert and alive within minutes! (And for those that are wondering, yes, this juice can also be made in a high-powered blender. Check out my video on using a blender to make juice for a couple of tips before you start.)

Morning Kickstarter Green Juice

Click here for the recipe!

Morning Kickstarter Green Juice

2. A papple. I’m going to start this one by saying that if reading the word ‘papple’ didn’t put a smile on your face, you’re taking life too seriously. No, I’m not talking about the latest variety or relative of Snapple, nor does this new thing have anything to do with that lovely test women have to do once a year at the doctor’s office. It has to do with these 2 fruits…

pear and apple

….and looks like this:

a papple

When I initially saw this papple at David’s Gourmet on the weekend, I thought it was a grapple (the apple-grape cross that I tried here). Grapples are terribly confusing for the tastebuds, but since I like trying strange produce, I felt compelled to give papples a shot too.

a papple

According to the sticker, this hybrid fruit comes from New Zealand. Marks and Spencer launched them in the UK last May, and aside from this, Google didn’t give me a whole lot more information. From the article I learned that a papple is “a cross between European and Asian pear varieties, which resulted in a fruit similar to an apple.” So really, there’s no apple involved in the cross-breeding at all.


When I cut it open, the flesh was pale and dripping with juice, just like a really ripe pear. The weird part was that the flesh was more firm than a really ripe pear (more like a very un-ripe pear), which I’d typically expect to be dry and powdery. Totally not the case!

sliced papple

Unlike the highly confusing grapple, the papple is very much pear in taste and delicious too! Try one if you spot them at the grocery store, and be sure to have a napkin ready to catch the dribbles on your chin!

sliced papple

Now I want to know…

  • What’s the weirdest fruit hybrid you’ve ever seen? 
  • Did you try anything new yesterday?