Hey there!

Happy Humpday to you! How has your week been? Things are pretty busy over here (I feel like that’s always the case!) but I’m counting down the days until I get to fly out to BC. Only 15 more to go! This week I’ve got an awesome new thing to tell you about, but let’s talk recipes first.

1. Recipe of the Week: As I mentioned in my list of goals for July, I’m making a bigger effort this month to shop at the market and support local farmers. The rhubarb frozen yogurt pops posted last week were an example of putting one of my favourite market finds to use, but on most occasions, my grocery bags are filled with far more veggies than fruit.

Farmers' Market Produce

If salad ingredient indecisiveness was a true health disorder (SIID for short?), I’d surely be diagnosed with a chronic case of it. After going to the market, it’s next to impossible for me to resist making a monstrous mash up of every veggie purchased. I’m like the kid at the Pizza Hut ice cream buffet that just has to have every single topping, even if they totally don’t go together like Nerds and chocolate syrup. Oh wait, I actually was that kid.

Farmers' Market Chopped Salad Ingredients

Grilled Chicken

Back to real food, this Farmers’ Market Chopped Salad is my attempt to stuff as much colourful produce as possible into one bowl. If you’ve got a goal to eat one big salad each day (which is a fabulous goal to have if you’re transitioning into a clean, whole foods lifestyle), I highly recommend starting with this one!

Farmers' Market Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here for the recipe!

Farmers' Market Chopped Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

2. The CamelBak Arc 2 hydration belt. Oh am I ever excited to tell you about this! A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by CamelBak and given the opportunity to try one of their new hydration belts. This couldn’t have come at a better time, especially since I’m training for SeaWheeze and even my early-morning outdoor runs have been VERY toasty!

CamelBak Arc 2

CamelBak recently introduced the Arc Series, a range of products (or hydration systems if we want to be all fancy with our terminology!) to serve the needs of runners with all sorts of distance goals. The Arc Quick Grip is a single bottle for shorter runs, whereas the Arc 2 and Arc 4 are for longer distances like half and full marathons. Of course, there are also vests for marathoners and ultra runners, but since I’m training for a half marathon, I figured the Arc 2 would be enough to satisfy my hydration needs.

CamelBak Arc 2 - front and back

In order to make this a well-informed review, I’ve been testing the Arc 2 out on a couple of my recent runs, not just the one I did yesterday. In the past, running belts have not been my friend. The one I owned prior to this held a single larger bottle (around 500mL I think) and did up in the front with a clip and adjustable strap. I’m pretty picky about where the belts sit on my hips, and with my previous one, I always felt the need to keep tightening the strap as I ran. The experience was quite different with the CamelBak Arc 2 though. Here are the things I loved about it:

CamelBak Arc 2 Review

  • 2 bottles (each one holding 10 oz, or 1 1/4 cups) was plenty for my longer runs, which are currently between 11 and 13 miles
  • The belt has spots where 2 more bottles can be added, in the event that I should decide to train for a longer race in the future
  • Even with full bottles, the belt still felt light and balanced.
  • The closure is velcro, which I was able to do up once and not have to adjust again.
  • The little pocket had enough space in it for my house key, tissues, and a dried apricot (my long run fuel of choice!)
  • The water bottles were fairly easy to remove from the cages. They don’t come out of the top easily, so you have to sort of twist them out of the holders. This Is actually a great thing, because if they did come out the top, I think I’d have felt like they were going to fall out.
  • There was no awkward ‘riding up’ of any sort – not from the belt, my shorts, or my shirt!
  • The twisty seals on the bottles are really easy to open and close on the run

CamelBak Arc 2 - Review

My only wish? That they start making these in more colours! I have a large amount of purple and pink running gear, so I’m hoping that CamelBak does as they have for some of their other products (like the 2013 Octane LR pack) and introduces a purple version!

Lastly, a little heads up for you: There *just might* be a CamelBak giveaway coming up soon, around a certain someone’s 25th birthday. Stay tuned! 😉

So tell me…

  • Have you had much experience with running belts or other hydration systems? What brands/models are your favourites?
  • What’s the latest piece of fitness gear you tried? It doesn’t have to be fancy – it could be new running shoes, a phone app, earphones, or anything else you use in your sweaty sporty endeavours!