Hello there!

I’m back home, safe and sound in Ontario, and rather than give you guys a Try Something New Tuesday recap today, I figured I’d give you a little peek into what I got up to while away on holiday. As I mentioned in my Lululemon SeaWheeze Race Report on Monday, I was out in British Columbia for just under a week. After the race finished, my aunt and her boyfriend came to pick me up and I stayed at her place in Chilliwack, a little city about an hour from Vancouver. Rather than have a quiet afternoon on Saturday after SeaWheeze, we had a very packed agenda!

view at granville market

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant on our route called Joey Broadway, and I had an amazing sashimi tuna salad with mixed greens, mango, peanuts, avocado, and cilantro mint dressing. It was gorgeous! Also on the table was a quinoa salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, pecans and avocado, and rotisserie chicken with vegetables. The presentation was fantastic and the tuna delicious!

lunch at joey broadway

My aunt and her boyfriend are really into scuba diving, so next up was a trip to their friends’ pool for my first scuba diving lesson. This is something I’d love to do some day (ideally in the Bahamas or somewhere else nice and hot), so it was really interesting to learn about how all of the equipment etc works – there’s a lot to know about!

pool diving
I was on dinner making duty, and made my Chili Lime Scallop Sewers with grilled veggies. The scallops were the Costco kind (meaning they’re almost as big as hockey pucks!) so I double-skewered them so they wouldn’t fall into the grill. We also had a bunch of salads, and the famous corn on the cob that Chilliwack is famous for. I grilled it on the BBQ wrapped in foil with olive oil and herbs, and I’m pretty sure I could have eaten about 10 more cobs given the chance. It was amazing!

cooking scallops on the bbq

Scallops and corn on the bbq

On the agenda for the next day was a trip to Steveston to meet my cousin and his girlfriend for lunch. Steveson is a small fishing town with a ton of great seafood restaurants, and we picked the Sockeye City Grill as our lunching destination.

Lunch at Sockeye City Grill

I had a sesame-crusted tuna salad which was perfectly crunchy on the outside and not too rare on the inside. Others had the sockeye salmon salad, and fish and chips.

After lunch we walked down to the fisherman’s wharf where there were a bunch of fishing boats and people selling all sorts of fresh seafood. This was the first time in about 7 years that I’d seen my cousin (and met his girlfriend) so we figured a few up-to-date family photos were in order.

fisherman's wharf in stevenston

simone ian and angie

fisherman's wharf 2

mary ian and angie

That afternoon, my aunt took me to Granville Island to see the public market. She knows I’m a huge foodie and thought I’d be totally in my element here. As you can imagine, I was!

granville island public market

massive peaches at granville island market

There was heaps of produce, especially berries, peaches and cherries which are grown very nearby. Eating locally certainly isn’t difficult in BC!

fruit at granville island market

massive zucchini at the market in granville island

In addition to produce, there were plenty of sweet treats, breads, and gorgeous flowers…

desserts at granville island market

mini chocolates at granville market

macaron tree at granville market

bread at granville market

flowers at granville market

…as well as a few interesting new-to-me things, like lemon cucumbers and sea asparagus, a sea vegetable that can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in stir fried dishes. I didn’t have many more meals to eat in BC so unfortunately I couldn’t try either, but they were fun to see nevertheless!

lemon cucumbers and sea asparagus

We also spotted these wheat-free, gluten-free flax salmon rolls. I’m pretty sure the outside is made of ground flax, egg, and some sort of gluten-free flour, while the inside is a mixture of salmon, lemon, garlic and seasoning. Might have to re-create these babies at home!

salmon flax rolls at granville market

And last but certainly not least, my all-time favourite thing that I tasted that day….

bbq salmon and smoked maple salmon nuggets

As you can see from the signs, those would be smoked salmon maple nuggets and BBQ smoked salmon. We bought a bit of each to enjoy at home, and oh my goodness, friends. The smoked salmon maple nuggets are to. die. for. They’re like smoked salmon on steroids – sweet, salty, chewy and soft all in one bite. If you ever get the chance to go to BC, you absolutely have to try some!

maple grilled salmon nuggets and bbq smoked salmon

That night was a stir fry cooked by yours truly with prawns, scallops, and a bunch of veggies. We’d eaten out a lot so I was more than happy to do a little cooking myself.

The last day in Chilliwack began with a nice 6 mile run on the treadmill at my aunt’s gym. I know, why the heck was I running on a treadmill when I had mountains and trails all around me? It killed me too, but it was dark and I didn’t really want to run in an unfamiliar area on my own. I had to get the run in early if I wanted to go at all because we had some state-side shopping to do that afternoon. Someone may or may not have purchased a few Coach goodies for herself, as well as 4 boxes of Quest bars. You can’t beat $25/box (that’s about $10 cheaper than in Canada) and a buy-3-get-1-free deal!

mountain view in Chilliwack

I got home late last night and still have suitcases waiting to be unpacked today after work. It was such a fantastic, relaxing trip and I’m really hoping to do the same again next summer.

Oh, and one last thing! Friday’s post will be a special one because it happens to be my birthday tomorrow. I’ve got an awesome giveaway coming up so be sure to stop by and get your entry in! In the meantime, have a wonderful Wednesday!