Hi Guys!

How are ya today? I hope your week has been going well so far. Mine’s been pretty great. In addition to great workouts, I’ve caught up with a few friends after far too long, and cleaned a bunch of old clothes out of my closet which went straight to the Salvation Army. Such a great feeling! Anyways, over to our usual topics for a Wednesday. First up, it’s recipe time!

1. Recipe of the Week. Alrighty, this one has been sitting in my head forever and only just recently came to life. To be honest, I was putting it off because I thought it would be kind of ugly to take photos of, but it turned out to be rather pretty!

coconut coating for tofu

Dipping tofu in coconut coating

dipping tofu in coconut coating

Up until recently, I despised all things coconut. However, like many foods (such as avocado and smoked salmon, both of which I used to hate and now adore), I’ve learned to enjoy it over time. While you won’t see me eating macaroons any time soon, you will see me gladly enjoying these little morsels:

coated coconut tofu - uncooked

coated coconut tofu - uncooked

Those are bits of tofu, covered in a crust of unsweetened coconut, crushed gluten free crackers, lime zest, and garlic powder. After leaving them to marinade overnight, I coated them in the mix, popped ’em in the oven, and they came out gawwwwgeously golden.

Coconut Crusted Tofu with Bok Choy and Mushrooms - Eat Spin Run Repeat

This Coconut Crusted Tofu with Bok Choy and Mushrooms has a long name, but its ingredients are so basic – and totally clean too! Of course, if you’re not big on mushrooms or bok choy, you could sub in a quick sautee of whatever veggie blend you like.  Baking the tofu on a wire rack placed on top of a baking sheet helps to get all sides crispy, greatly reducing the amount of oil (and fat) required to do the same job in a frying pan.

Coconut Crusted Tofu with Bok Choy and Mushrooms - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here for the recipe!

Coconut Crusted Tofu with Bok Choy and Mushrooms - Eat Spin Run Repeat

2. A new DIY cleaning method for my iPod arm band. I like to think I’m a pretty clean person. My house is cleaned weekly, my closet is colour-coded, and I make my bed every day. But there’s one little thing that’s been neglected lately, and I just couldn’t take it any more.

ipod and armband

Yes, the iPod armband. I loved my old iPod Nano because I could simply clip it to my shorts and not have to worry about an arm band to hold it in. A couple of months ago the Nano died, and as is always the case with Apple devices, I had to buy the new model because they no longer sell the little square one. This also meant a new arm band, and after a few weeks, I remembered why I hated them so much. THEY. STINK. I also don’t enjoy cleaning them because in the past, doing so has led to rashes and an itchy arm. Mine reached the point that I was actually embarrassed to run with it on because it smelled so bad.

ipod armband

I recently placed a new order on NationalNutrition.ca for a bunch of the products I use on a regular basis, and because my order came to over $149, I got to pick a bonus item for free. (This is one of many reasons I love National Nutrition. Yet another is that they’re located in southern Ontario and free standard shipping sometimes arrives in less than 24 hours – it’s flippin’ awesome.) But why am I telling you this? Well, because one of the items was Mr Mist natural deodorant. While this product is intended for use on your body, I figured it might be a good idea to help freshen up my arm band too without irritating  the skin on my arm. Not on its own though – this stench needed some extra power. So I enlisted this duo:

Natural deodorant and tea tree oil

That little green bottle is tea tree oil, which I’ve been using for years on my face to solve my acne problems. (It works like a charm, by the way.) In case you haven’t heard, tea tree oil is awesome for fixing all sorts of things, including treatment of lice, athlete’s foot, chest congestion, burns, stings, and cuts. It’s got natural antiseptic properties, and kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Judging my the smell of my arm band, there was probably squillions of bacteria living on there. So into the tea tree bath it went…

tea tree oil

I put some hot water in the sink along with precisely 21 drops of tea tree oil, and let the band soak for 4 hours. Why 21 drops? No idea. It probably didn’t need that much but I wanted to make extra sure that the smell would go away. Then I hung it up to dry. Tea tree oil has a pretty distinct smell, and while I don’t mind it, I wasn’t sure I wanted it wafting out of my arm on my run yesterday morning. So, when the arm band was still a bit damp, I spritzed some of my lavender-scented Mr Mist on it.

mr mist

By the time I woke up in the morning the band was completely dry. Before throwing it back in my gym bag, I gave it a sniff. The lavender scent wasn’t really there, but thank goodness, the stench that plagued it before was pretty much all gone. When it got sweaty as I ran, there was a faint tea tree smell, but nothing too noticeable. And what was really great was that I didn’t notice any irritation on my arm after taking it off. While the Mr Mist didn’t seem to have much of an effect (maybe it’s better used for its intended purpose), the tea tree oil is now my cleanser of choice for this task. In the future I might rub some sort of other nice-smelling essential oil on the arm band after washing it (citrus or grapefruit maybe?), but for now I’m just happy to be smelling nice again!

So tell me…

  • If you’re an arm band wearer, how do you wash yours?
  • Do you use any natural or DIY cleaning solutions in your home?
  • Any other tea tree oil fans out there?