While I take great pride in getting the majority of the Christmas shopping done for those on my own list before December, I know that sometimes that can be tough to do. You think you’ve got all the time in the world to browse the shops, pick out gifts, wrap them, or order them online, which can be a bit of a gamble when it comes to shipping times). And then… BANG! It’s the middle of December and you’ve only got one weekend left to get ‘er done. Yikes!

If there’s a workout junkie or a foodie that you still need to buy for (you officially have 9 days until Christmas morning!), here’s a little roundup of ideas for you. The items on this list are either 1) ones that I use regularly and absolutely adore, or 2) am lusting after big time. I’m sure the fit foodie in your life would enjoy them too!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fit Foodie - Eat Spin Run Repeat

1. iTunes Gift Cards – Let’s face it: Music is a huge motivating factor when it comes to doing cardio. A new playlist is always something to look forward to!

itunes gift cards

2. Goodies from Vega – A gym session wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for a dose of Vega sugar-free pre-workout energizer (acai berry is the best!), and I’m never without a stash of Vega One and Performance Protein in my kitchen cupboard for smoothies. These are the cleanest sports nutrition products I’ve come across yet, and I’m about as loyal as it gets. 


3. The Calm & Cozy Jacket from Lululemon – This jacket. Oh. My. Goodness. As I’ve whined on about before, I can’t wear Lulu’s Scuba Hoodies because they don’t cover my enormously long torso. It’s not so bad when I’m just standing still, but one lift of the arms above my head and I’ve got a good 3-4″ of stomach showing. In the winter, that’s COLD! But…. I have a new solution to this problem, and that’s the Calm & Cozy Jacket. I took a huge risk by ordering it online, hoping that it would fit. The description said that the length was ‘low hip’, so I figured it had to be longer than the Scuba and….. I was right! It’s perfect. While there’s no hood, the high neck is super warm and soft. I jumped on the raspberry colour while they had it available online, and although it’s now gone, there are others available.

Lululemon Calm and Cozy Jacket

4. A cute planner – Like these ones from EmilyLey.com, a site I just stumbled across this weekend and am already head over heels in love with. As you are well aware by now, I am a planning junkie – workouts, goals, recipes, etc. I know it sounds old school, but I still love a good paper planner. I’m totally lusting after Emily Ley’s Simplified Life Planner… and might have just caved and ordered one last night. Merry Christmas to me? 😉

Emily Ley Simplified Life Planner

5. Inspirational Jewellery – While jewellery isn’t exactly the first thing you’d think of when it comes to workout gear, jewellery that has motivational words engraved on it can certainly help. I particularly like these pendants from the bama+ry Etsy shop. (And, if you like them too, the lovely Jasmine who owns this shop is offering Eat Spin Run Repeat readers a discount of 20% off with the code SANTA20 – yay!)

BamaRy Jewellery

6. Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer – If one of your goals for the new year is to eat more salads, this little gadget will make that much more fun. One of my favourite and most-used items (tied with the next item on the list…)


7. Vitamix – Yes, they’re pricey. But they’re absolute beasts and pulverize errrrrrrythang. I’ve got this modelwhich has a 2L jug and variable speeds. I use it most for making smoothies, dips, and soups, but you can also make nut butters (still on my to-do list), sorbet, flours, and dough. (Note: You also need to buy the dry grains container for making flour and dough.) 

vitamix blender 5200

8. A new cookbook – Any non-foodie probably thinks this is about as exciting as getting socks for Christmas (which runners 100% appreciate by the way!!) but if you’re a foodie, I’m willing to bet you share at least some of my passion for new cookbooks. I did a roundup of my favourite healthy cookbooks earlier this year, and recently I’ve added Kitchen Cures (reviewed here) by Peggy K and It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow to my collection. Both are absolutely fab and feature nothing but clean, whole food ingredients. 

favourite healthy cookbooks

9. A fun mug – like the customizable perfect tea mug from David’s Tea. This is another item I’ve got my eye on, mainly because it comes with chalk for drawing and I doodle all.the.time. While you’re at it, you could toss in some tasty tea, like those from David’s winter collection. Sleigh Ride and Choconut Oolong are both great choices!

davids tea customizable mug

 So tell me…

What’s on your Christmas list this year?