Hey guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you celebrating? Personally, I’m currently a lot more into the winter Olympics than Valentine’s Day, and that’s what I’ve been tuning into most mornings this week while at the gym. In fact, I nearly took a tumble off the treadmill while watching the speed skating heats on Monday. Does anyone else seem to have trouble controlling their own limbs when watching fast-moving sports on TV? Luckily the crisis was averted (thank goodness for side rails) but I don’t think I’ll run while watching snowboarding because any tumbles on TV would likely send me for one of my own!



Work It Out

This week’s routine is a cardio-strength hybrid involving a treadmill and a few pairs of dumbells. You’ll be running mile repeats, a common and not overly interesting drill, but don’t think that you’ll be bored because we’ll spice things up with some strength moves in between each one.



The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Workout

You’ll start with a cardio block – a 1 mile run at a fairly easy pace. After hopping off and completing the first set of strength exercises, get back on and do another mile, this time faster than the first. You’ll repeat this until you’ve run 4 miles. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, as long as you make sure that each mile is faster than the last! Be sure to allow for the cool-down at the end since your heart rate will be high and it’s best to bring it down gradually. Reduce the intensity by jogging/walking for 5 minutes, and follow up with a good stretch and foam rolling session.

The Can't Stop Won't Stop WorkoutClick here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

There has been so much great music coming out lately that it’s hard to pick just one song each week, but this Friday’s feature is Pompeii by BastilleI’ve listened to this song for weeks without knowing who it was by, and finally Shazaamed it to put my question to rest. The boys of Bastille are from London and their music certainly has a European feel to it. This song starts out mellow and a little boring, but as the beat gets going, it gets more catchy and works really well as a cardio warmup. Enjoy!

Have A Read

Now tell me…

  • Are you watching the winter Olympics? What events get you most excited? 
  • What’s on your workout agenda this weekend?
  • Tell me something fun that happened to you this week!