Hey guys! How has your week been? I have to say that yesterday was definitely the highlight of mine. As I mentioned in my Oh She Glows Cookbook review on Monday, I’m currently loving everything about Angela‘s new book. The excitement didn’t just stop at receiving it in the mail though. Yesterday we went to Toronto for a rather special occasion…

steven and chris studio entrance

A taping of Steven and Chris! (Side note: This is pretty much the only show I watch, purely because it happens to be on TV when I’m at the gym on the treadmill in the morning.) Being part of a studio audience has been on my bucket list for a while, but this wasn’t just any taping of Steven and Chris…

prepping the kitchen set

prepping the kitchen set

ange's segment on steven and chris

… because they were interviewing Ange! She made the Empowered Noodle Bowl (I included the recipe in my book review) with the orange-maple miso dressing rather than the Thai peanut one, and she did absolutely awesome! Seriously, if there’s a person I know who’s made for TV, it’s her.

ange and i in the green room

We waited for most of the taping backstage in the green room (which is actually a gray/blue room, but it’s got some cool stuff in it!) and chatted with the other guests before she went on. Then they wheeled in the kitchen to the main set area, and Ange walked everyone through making the recipe. It was so much fun, everyone was super nice, and I got to meet Steven and Chris too which was pretty darn awesome! The episode should be airing in Canada sometime next week and a little later in the US, so watch Angela’s blog for the exact date and time coming soon.

meeting steven and chris

Ok, over to the usual Friday subject matter…

Work It Out

Today’s routine might not look like much, but it (as the name suggests) turns out to be pretty humbling! I seem to recall having posted one similar to this in the past, but this time I’m taking things up a notch with 3 pairs of exercises rather than just one. Enjoy, and make sure you’ve got your water bottle nearby!



The Killer 10s Workout

For each of these pairs of exercises, you’ll follow this pattern: 1 rep of exercise A, 9 exercise B. Then 2 reps of exercise A, 8 reps of exercise B. Then 3 reps of exercise A, 7 reps of exercise B. You’ll keep going until you get to 9 A’s and 1 B, then rest 2-3 minutes before moving into the next pair. Equipment-wise, you’ll need a set of dumbells and a box or step for the box jumps. Fit Bit Friday 132 - The Killer 10s Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

This week’s tune comes courtesy of Cash Cash, a band from New Jersey whom I probably still wouldn’t be familiar with if it weren’t for one of my favourite apps, Shazaam. I tend to drive to and from work and when a good song comes on the radio that I don’t recognize, I Shazaam it, and it gets saved to my list of tags. Then, when I’m looking to update my workout playlists but can’t think of new songs off the top of my head, I’ve got a whole list there waiting on my iPhone. Cash Cash’s latest song, Take Me Home was once a tune on that list. They’ve done remixes for big acts like Krewella, Capital Cities, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, and Icona Pop, but it turns out they’re pretty darn talented on their own too. Have a listen….

Have A Read

And one final note, for all Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge runners! Starting next Thursday, March 13th, I’ll be participating in an 8-week Yoga For Runners program at Urban Wellness Studio in Kitchener. Classes are from 6-7pm and if you’re anything like me (as in, you’ve got tight hip flexors and run lots!) I’m sure your body would love the stretch! I can’t wait to start, and I’d love for you to come chaturanga with me too! For more details and to sign up, click here.

So tell me…

  • Have you ever been part of a TV show’s studio audience? If not, which show would you want to be a part of?
  • What was the highlight of your week?