Today’s post is a slight departure from the usual Fit Bit Fridays, but before I get into it, I know many of you rely on a workout being posted at this time each week. If that’s you, then I recommend this one from the archives. I promise next week will be new! But for now, it’s time to celebrate a rather special occasion…

Eat Spin Run Repeat is 4

It’s my 4th blogiversary!

Four years ago I stumbled across a couple of healthy living blogs and although I can’t remember what I was looking for at the time, I do remember instantly becoming hooked. It was like this separate world that I knew nothing about, yet thought it would be cool to be a part of. At the time, I was teaching spin classes to a super loyal, fantastic group of women and I’d bring in a healthy recipe each week to share with them. I printed them myself on index-size cards, but as university students know, printer ink can get pricey. I began looking for other options.

For a while, I was what you’d call a lurker. I’d read blogs, get to know those bloggers, and they kind of began to feel like friends. Then I started commenting on their posts. Naturally, this led to me to think “hey, maybe I should start one of these for myself.” It was sometime around then that my brain put two and two together and decided it would be a great idea to stop printing off recipe cards and instead, post the recipes I was giving to my spin class in one place where everyone could access them. Genius.

melon oranges and kiwis

For the first year or so, most of my real life friends and family didn’t know about my little space here on the internet. Strangely, I had no problem with complete strangers reading about my day to day adventures, but didn’t want to tell people I actually knew. I guess it’s kinda like giving a speech in front of a huge crowd – if a handful of the audience are people you know, there’s automatically this feeling of being judged. But eventually I shared my little project with my friends and family, and it’s continued to grow. In fact, I don’t know what I did with my spare time before I started blogging.

melon oranges and kiwis

While being a blogger has presented me with heaps of amazing opportunities, it’s all of you that keep me going. Would I still write if I had no readers? At this point, probably not – the community is an enormous part of the fun! So today’s post is a little thank you to YOU. Thank you for coming back time and time again to read about my latest culinary masterpiece and the workouts that left me sore for days. Thank you for letting me share my weekend antics with you, for reading my race recaps, and for geeking out with me over sports nutrition. It means so much to me to have you along in this crazy life of mine.

fruit bowl

As a further expression of my gratitude and as a celebration of 4 years, I’ve got another giveaway for you!

Albion Fit Giveaway - Eat Spin Run Repeat

I recently learned about Albion Fit, a up-and-coming, Utah-based company that makes women’s fitness clothing. Their products are all designed by women, for active women, and are made to transition well between workouts and every day life. Albion Fit is also committed to being a sustainable business and reflecting femininity in their designs, and I think you’ll like what they’ve got! Here’s a peek at their super cute fitness wear

Albion Fit Fitness Wear

and they also just came out with some gorgeous women’s swimsuits that makes me wish I had a pool or beach outside my front door.

Albion Fit Swim Suits

I’ve got a pair of the Summit leggings and absolutely love ’em. The fabric is sweat-wicking and the seams are flat (no chafing!) which makes them great for workouts, but their cute design makes them awesome for coffee dates, chilling out on the weekends, and running errands. A girl’s gotta look good while she grocery shops, ya know? 😉

Summit Leggings

To celebrate Eat Spin Run Repeat turning 4, I’m teaming up with Albion Fit to offer one lucky winner a $100 gift card. Here’s how to enter:

  • Mandatory: Visit and leave a comment here with your favourite item.
  • Bonus entry: Pin your favorite item onto a Pinterest board and paste the link to that pin in your comment below.
  • Bonus entry: Re-post the giveaway image I’ve posted to Instagram and tag @eatspinrunrpt and @albionfit. (Search for @eatspinrunrpt and you’ll see it!)

That’s it! This giveaway will be open to US and Canadian residents until Tuesday April 22nd at midnight EST. I’ll announce the winner first thing on Wednesday morning. And, if you can’t wait until then, Albion Fit has provided an exclusive discount code for Eat Spin Run Repeat readers until April 22nd – just enter eatspinrun15 at checkout to receive 15% off. 🙂

Thank you again for being such wonderful readers – your support means the world to me!