Hey friends!

How are ya today? I know my US buddies are coming up on a lovely long weekend, and if that means you, then I hope you have a great one! I’ll be meeting up with my mum tomorrow for a belated Mother’s Day lunch, and I’m hoping to get a good run in tomorrow morning as well. Right now my main goal is not to do anything stupid since my half marathon is just over 1 week away, so I’m thinking it’ll be around 8 miles plus plenty of foam rolling and stretching afterwards.



Work It Out

I’ve been working a lot on hills over the past couple of months in anticipation of The North Face Endurance Challenge coming up in July, and I’m pleased to report that things are going really well! I was out for my first trail run last weekend and have been able to incorporate some hilly roads into my outdoor training as well. When it comes to the treadmill, I’ve been doing a dedicated hill workout around once every other week, and it’s been really satisfying to see the incline number coming up without me falling off!

In the Hold on Tight Hills Workout that I posted a few weeks ago, the incline rose but the speed stayed the same. This week I’m switching things up. Rather than maintaining constant speed and having an effort level that moves all over the place on the RPE scale, today’s workout keeps effort the same while varying speed and incline. So for example, you might run at 2% incline AND 8% incline, but you’ll aim to keep your effort level the same by knocking the speed down on the steeper effort. I’m really enjoying this type of running and I think it’ll help me to take on hills in a race situation more effectively. There’s nothing worse than working too hard, emptying the tank to run up a slope, only to get to the top and have zero energy left to enjoy cruising downhill!

Note: Not a runner? No worries – you could do this on a stationary bike too! Simply increase resistance using the controls on the bike, and monitor your speed by watching the miles per hour on the display.



The Strong and Steady Hills Workout

Follow the instructions in the table below, increasing incline as shown. Adjust your speed so that you feel like you’re exerting an even amount of effort (8 out of a maximum 10) no matter what the gradient is. (The numbers I’ve put in the speed column are just an example.) This shouldn’t feel easy, but you shouldn’t be gasping for air after the first minute of each hill either. When you’re finished, don’t forget to do a cool down, and ideally some stretching and foam rolling once your heart rate is back down to normal.

Fit Bit Friday 142 - The Strong and Steady Hill Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Lately I’ve been feeling like my workout tunes just aren’t pumping me up the way they did before, so I took advantage of some spare time over the long weekend and created a new playlist. One of my faves on it? Tied with last week’s Katy Perry Birthday Remix is this week’s feature, Pumpin’ Blood by NONONO. Not only does it make me feel like I’m effortlessly prancing along on the treadmill in the morning, but it’s pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood while you listen to it!

Is that a smile I see? 😉

Have A Read

Now before you go, tell me…

  • What are your plans for this weekend?
  • When was the last time you refreshed your workout playlist? What tunes are you loving right now?