Hey friends!

Happy Labour Day long weekend to you. This back to school time of year always gets me in the mood for re-organizing rooms in my house, de-cluttering, and donating a few bags of items I don’t need. Those activities are on my agenda for the next couple of days, as is getting back into the kitchen to re-create some of the delicious meals I enjoyed in Vancouver. What will you be getting up to?



Work It Out

Just in case you missed it last week, my Fit Bit Friday post went up a bit late because somehow WordPress managed to delete the one I scheduled while I was traveling. You can find it here, and if you’ve already tackled that one, don’t you worry – there’s a new one today as well. It’s been a while since a running-focused routine was posted, so that’s what I’ve chosen for this edition of Fit Bit Friday.



The 1 to 10 Workout

This run is designed to help you build stamina as your body starts to feel fatigued. In this year’s Seawheeze Half Marathon, the main area I lost time in was the last quarter of the race when my energy stores were depleted and all I wanted was to be finished. My pace dropped, and as hard as I tried not to let this happen, my mental game also started to suffer a bit.

In this routine, you’ll work up to a 9 minute moderate/hard effort. If you’re training for a 10K or half marathon, these blocks are great opportunities to practice your race pace. If you’re not training for an event, an uncomfortable/moderately hard effort is what you’re looking for.

The longer work portions simulate the later parts of a race – you’ve got some fast miles behind you, but in order to make it to the finish, you need to stay strong for a few more. The work and recovery phases will alternate, and you should let your heart rate come down a bit in those recoveries to ensure you have enough gas in the tank to put out a solid effort in the final 9 minute block. Be sure to recover at the end by walking until your heart rate returns to normal.

Fit Bit Friday 155- The 10 to 1 Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Gareth Emery song appeared on the blog, and this one is particularly well-suited for The 10 to 1 Workout. Long Way Home is a song Gareth created the melody for during a road trip with his wife, and according to his SoundCloud page, it’s his favourite one on the album Drive. It’s one of my faves too, and I’d love to hear what you think!

Have A Read

Now before you head off, I’d love to know…

  • If you’ve been racing this summer, what’s the part you dread the most? What do you love the most? For me, the dread part is standing at the start line waiting for the gun to go off, but the part I love most is the post-race celebrations with my fellow running buddies!
  • What’s on your agenda for the long weekend?