Hey there friends!

How are you doing today? I’m thrilled that the weekend is here and it’s going to be a very fun, action-packed one! Plans include cheering some friends on at a local race, a lunch date at the new Rawlicious Kitchener location with some of my blogging besties, and a trip to Toronto to attend a conference which I’m sure I’ll have plenty to tell you about next week. But for now…

Source: Popsugar

Source: Popsugar

Work It Out

As the title of this post implies, today’s Fit Bit Friday feature is going to get your heart pumping. I don’t know about you, but the stair master seems to be one of those machines that never gets easy no matter how often I practice. Having said that, it’s great for building strength in the lower body which is especially important if you’re looking to become a better hill runner.

Source: Popsugar

The Stairmaster Sweatfest Workout

In this routine, you’ll alternate easy/moderate and hard efforts, cranking up the climbing speed and stepping faster in order to increase intensity. After you’ve finished that portion which lasts a total of 22 minutes (trust me, it’ll fly by!), you’ll finish off strong with 3 rounds of 30s fast climbing, each followed with 30s easy climbing. The interval lengths in this routine keep changing, which means your body will be confused and constantly challenged. And THAT means faster results!

Fit Bit Friday 157 - The Stairmaster Sweatfest Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Yikes. Guys, I was struggling to find you a new tune that I really really love for this week. To be honest, I haven’t been super inspired by what’s been flowing through the airwaves these days. Last night I turned to Youtube for some inspiration and came across Burn Baby Burn by Mercy Me. As it turns out, it’s a really, really good song! It starts kinda slow but has a nice progressive build and I’m really excited to load it up on a playlist for my next workout. Enjoy!

Have A Read

Now I’d love to hear from you…

  • What do you think about the new Apple watch? Do you want one? Do you care? Not so sure how I feel about messages and emails being available on my wrist (I’d rather not have the distractions) but the other features are cool and I’m really happy to see it syncs with Strava.
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?