Hey there!

How was your week? It was a pretty big one work-wise for me but I’m thrilled that the weekend is here! Any big plans? I’m going to be spending some quality time with my mum, and hopefully having some fun in the kitchen with some fall-inspired recipe creations. My brain is overflowing with ideas for using all the lovely produce that is coming into season and now it’ll be a case of finding the time to make them all happen! We’ll chat more about food next week though. For now, let’s talk fitness!



Work It Out

As the name of this routine implies, we’re going to make your muscles work hard! There are 3 lower body-focused moves to get through (#1, 3 and 5), and these will also require many other muscles in your body for stabilization, especially your core. Between these are upper-body exercises that will give your legs and glutes a break (and hopefully distract you from the burn that I’m sure you’ll feel!) For the upper body moves, I recommend using a light/medium set of dumbells. Keep track of the number of overhead shoulder presses and triceps extensions you’re able to do, and see if you can beat it on subsequent sets.



The Big Burn Workout

Do a 20 minute warm-up consisting of whatever cardio-based activity you enjoy most. Then, grab a barbell and a set of dumbells or two for the circuit. For moves 1, 3, and 5, focus on slow and controlled movements, using your core to stay balanced. At the end of each set, drink water and take a few minutes rest before repeating it all again. Beginners can start with 2 times through, intermediates can aim for 3, and if you’re up for a really big burn, go for 4!

Fit Bit Friday 158- The Big Burn Workout - Eat Spin Run RepeatClick here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

This is absolutely going to go down as the most bizarre video ever featured here on a Fit Bit Friday, but it was the song that caught my attention long before I knew what the video was all about. To be honest, I still don’t really get what the video is all about. A Speedo-clad man walking down the beach making strangers dance is quite an interesting concept. Strangeness aside, this song is called Sunlight by The Magician ft Years & Years, and I love its steady, upbeat rhythm. Perfect for these recent rainy days when I’ve been running on the treadmill wishing it was still sunny and summer-like outside! (And yes, I realize the cover shot of this video isn’t ideal. I promise, it’s really not as racy as you think!)

Have A Read

Alright guys, let’s get this day going! Before you head off, tell me…

  • Do you have any workout requests for future Fridays? I’m taking suggestions so feel free to send them my way.
  • What are your fitness plans for this weekend? Aside from The Big Burn Workout, obviously. 😉