Well hello there, Friday, I’m THRILLED to see you!

This week, albeit a short one, has been a great big test of my brainpower, organization skills, patience, and ability to stay calm under stress for several reasons. Let’s just say it’s a very good thing Sunday was Thanksgiving because I certainly needed all that positive gratitude to get me through the week! With that said, I’m really excited to be heading to Toronto tomorrow to cheer on some of my best running buddies in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon.

You may recall me talking about this in my 3 goals for October post, mentioning that it was going to be a game time decision as to whether or not I decide to race. The decision has been made, and I’ve opted to be a spectator instead due to my niggling knee injury and the fact that right now, all signs from my body are pointing towards the ‘take a freaking chill pill’ end of the spectrum. If you happen to be racing STWM, I just might see you along the course on Sunday!

Now over to today’s fitness chat.

Work It Out

Two weeks ago I posted The Buff Barbell Workout, which required nothing but a barbell and your body weight. I’ve been loving working with barbells lately, mainly because the moves I’ve been doing with them challenge the entire body which is super effective when you’re short on time. Today’s routine is a follow-up to the one from two weeks ago and incorporates a different set of moves to challenge your strength and balance. If you’d like to work both into your fitness routine, try doing Part 1 on a Monday, Part 2 on a Wednesday, and Part 1 again on Friday. The next week, switch so that you’re doing Part 2 twice.

The Buff Barbell Workout – Part 2

All you need for this circuit is a barbell, and I don’t recommend making it a heavy one. You’ll need to be able to push it overhead 10 times and do 10 biceps curls with it, all while keeping good form. If you’re not sure, start with a lighter option and increase with subsequent sets once you’ve done the circuit once. Warm up with your cardio of choice, then get cracking with the moves described below. Beginners, aim for 2x through the circuit, intermediates could try 3, and if you’re advanced, shoot for 4.

Fit Bit Friday 162 - The Buff Barbell Workout - Part 2

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Ooh guys, I’ve got a good one for ya! On the way to the gym last week I heard Heroes by Alesso ft Tove Lo and I wished so badly that it could already be on my iPod and ready for my workout. It starts out deceivingly slow and mellow, but the builds in it are perfect for sprints on the treadmill or bike, or even fast climbs. Use it however you like – whatever you do, I think it’lll get you doing it faster!

Have A Read

Alrighty, that’s enough for now. Before you head off, I’d love to know…

  • What’s one thing you’re most proud of this week? Nothing is too small, so let’s hear it!
  • What are your fitness plans for the weekend?