Hello friends!

Are you as excited about the weekend being here as I am? This week has been about recovery as far as my workouts go because my coach is ramping up my training volume again starting on Monday. Swimming, biking and running have all still been happening, but at a more relaxed level in order to get me ready for the 3 weeks to come. To be honest, I’ve been itching to get back to intensity like crazy! I plan to go into more detail about how half Ironman training is going soon, but for now, suffice it to say that I think working with a coach is one of the best decisions I’ll make all year. I’m the type that likes to go go go all the time when it comes to fitness, work, and other aspects of life, so having someone to pull be back has been a major (and very welcome) change.

Before getting into today’s new workout, I wanted to check in with those of you who tried my 2 week core challenge. How did you find it? Did you manage to get to the end? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments on this post. If you had fun and would like another challenge for February, we can certainly make that happen. 🙂 And with that, let’s talk about glutes!

Work It Out

The glutes are the focus of this week’s routine, and for good reason: they’re a notoriously weak part of an endurance athlete’s body, and the average desk job worker’s body too. The consequences of having lazy gluteal muscles are pretty nasty. When they slack off, other areas like the hip flexors, quads, IT band, knees and calves take the hit. As you can imagine, as mileage and/or intensity increase, so does the stress on these areas. If the glutes aren’t doing their job, it’s pretty likely that an injury will be the result. With that said, today’s routine will help to prevent all that from happening!

The Glute Buster Workout

Do each of the moves below in circuit-fashion, resting 2-3 minutes after each round. Aim to complete 3 sets, and if you’d like to make any of the exercises more challenging, feel free to use heavier weights. Always be sure to prioritize proper form first!

Fit Bit Friday 175- The Glute Buster Workout - Eat Spin Run RepeatClick here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

I originally had a different video to share with you today, but stumbled across this amazing music video that Maroon 5 made for their song Sugar. They crashed as many weddings as they could across LA while making it, and the guest reactions will make you laugh – or at least they did for me. To be honest I haven’t totally loved Maroon 5’s recent songs on the radio, but this one is near the top of my list right now. Similarly, I previously didn’t think Adam Levine was overly good looking, but…… I’ve 100% changed my mind. 😉

Have A Read

Now tell me…

  • What would you say your weakest muscle group is? 
  • Any fun plans for this weekend?