Hi Friends!

Happy long weekend to all of you celebrating along with me on Monday. Any big plans? I’m currently on a recovery (read: low volume) week as far as my triathlon training goes, which means more free time than usual over the next couple of days. I plan to spend it catching up with some friends, taking care of some errands, and working on a little blog project I’ve got in the works.

I’m also planning to go and check out the new Goodness Me! location here in Waterloo because it’s finally open! You’ll hear more about that next week, but in the meantime, if you’d like to check out their awesome online store, you can score 20% off your first order with the discount code EatSpinRun at checkout. They’ve been adding new items to the store every day, including ginger chews which many of you know I go absolutely NUTS for. They are SO. GOOD.

For now, it’s time to chat about fitness!

Work It Out

If you’re like me, you probably spend a good chunk of your day sitting behind a desk in front of a screen. Even with an adjustable standing workstation, I still often find myself slouching forward from time to time. Sound familiar? I’ve talked about this several times in the past, but because we tend to find ourselves in this position frequently, our upper body “pushing muscles” – especially our pecs (in the chest), and anterior deltoids (in the front of your shoulders) – tend to be a whole lot stronger than our “pulling muscles” – the posterior deltoids (back of your shoulders) and a bunch of others in your back.

So how do you balance them out to ensure you don’t end up looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame? You can start by doing strength exercises that focus on developing those pulling muscles, and if you need ideas, then today’s workout is for you. You’ll do 4 different exercises that work your entire body but focus mostly on those pulling muscles, and in between you’ll do a few different cardio-based moves to keep your body guessing.

The Super Strong Back Sculpting Workout

Complete the moves below in circuit-fashion, one after the next. If you need to take a bit of rest in between, please feel free to do so in order to adapt the workout for your fitness level. Once you’ve reached the end of your first set, take 2-3 minutes before doing it all again. Aim to do 3 sets if you’re a more advanced exerciser, and if you consider yourself a beginner, start with one and progress to 2 after a few weeks, focusing on form rather than weight until you get the movements down.

Fit Bit Friday 179 - The Super Strong Back Sculpting Workout - Eat Spin Run RepeatClick here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Do you ever scroll through the suggested videos that Youtube recommends to you based on your listening history? I have to admit, sometimes their suggestions are 100% NOT what I’m looking for, but other times they serve up a gem that I proceed to listen to for weeks on endAnd that’s exactly how I stumbled across this week’s featured tune, We Are One by The Bedroom Producers ft Nathan Brumley.

Have A Read

Now tell me…

  • Canadian friends, do you have any big plans for the long weekend?
  • Do you consciously do exercises to help balance your push and pull muscles? Do you feel particularly weak in one or the other?