Hello from Vancouver!

Guys, the past 4 days have been SUCH a whirlwind, but I’m thrilled to announce that my 3 suitcases and I have made it to my new west coast digs successfully! My last day of work at my previous job was Wednesday, and the days that followed involved mostly packing, cleaning, more packing, and more cleaning. On Friday night I had a great friend of mine drive me to another great friend’s house in London, and by 4am on Saturday morning I was at the airport, ready to go.

Having received an email from my car shipping company telling me that my baby had been “successfully assigned” (YAY!), the only other thing I was worried about wast getting to the airport and having them tell me my suitcases were overweight. But guess what? That didn’t even happen! Getting them checked was no problem and while sitting at my gate waiting to board, I felt an enormous wave of relief – one that I’ve been anticipating for weeks.

March goal check-in and 3 for April 2015

When I arrived in Vancouver, my amazing aunt (seriously I owe this lady BIG time) picked me up at the airport. We drove to my new place, met my landlord, got my keys, then headed off to Ikea, Costco and HomeSense to buy #allthethings and spend #allthemoney. I spent Saturday night putting together furniture and getting my stuff packed away, but my place is totally not ready for visitors yet. Once I’ve got it looking nice and pretty, perhaps I’ll give you guys a little virtual tour!

Yesterday I took a break from the unpacking to attend a really fun spin class event with some of my Vega peeps at a new studio called Spin Society. While I knew I was tired, it felt so good to work up a good sweat on the bike! Mimosas, a smoothie bowl buffet, and lots of post-workout chit chat was enjoyed afterwards. Having spent the last month of weekends doing only move-related things, it was definitely the long-overdue ‘me time’ that I’d been craving.

FuelYourBetter event at Spin Society, Vancouver

And today….. I’m off to work! I’ll be starting my first day at Hootsuite I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel like my first day of school. Before I go though, we need to do a monthly goal check-in!

monthly goal check-in

1) Express gratitude for at least 3 things every day – B+

I’ll admit I forgot about this a few times, but still, the effort was pretty good. I tried to come up with new things to be thankful for each day, outside of the obvious ones and those I’d given thanks for in the past. Not surprisingly, once I got going, the list easily grew from 3 to 5 to 7  things each day. This was even the case on my crazy busy stressful days, which just reinforced how lucky and fortunate I feel to have to be surrounded by so many amazing opportunities and people.

it is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful

This habit is something I’ll be carrying on for months to come. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re struggling to get through a stressful situation – it really helps to keep things in perspective.

2) Play a solid game of Clean Out the Kitchen Cupboards – A+

This was not only a success, but fun too! I’m still in the process of getting the recipes I created ready for their reveal on the blog, and I think you’re going to love them. Lots of plant-based perfect-for-spring dishes, like this one:

Sweet n Savoury Asian Bowl - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Stay tuned – it’s coming up next week!

3) See as many of my Ontario friends before the end of the month as possible – A

Considering the short amount of time, the enormous list of to-do’s, and the fact that I was still working right up until this past Wednesday, this went really well. My bestie Jess threw the most amazing going away party for me last week, and even some of my Toronto and London buddies made the trek to Waterloo to say goodbye. Again, the main theme of the month (well, aside from ‘crazy’) was absolutely gratitude. Friends are everything.

Having said that, we were terrible at photo taking the night of my leaving party – mostly because we were eating SO. MUCH. AWESOME. FOOD. So while I don’t have photos of all our lovely faces (blogger fail), I did make these mocha chocolate chunk protein bites and they were a hit.

Mocha Chocolate Chunk Protein Bites - Eat Spin Run Repeat

With all that said, it’s time for 3 new focuses…

3 goals for April 2015

1. Transition into my new job successfully.

This is a pretty obvious one, and not surprisingly, the goal I’ll be spending the most time working on. While the nature of my new job is similar to my previous one, there will be new systems and processes to learn, as well as new people to meet. I anticipate being pretty tired by the end of each day this week due to all the mental brainpower I’ll be using, but just like being in Vancouver in general, it’s an adventure and a fresh start I’m really excited to embark on. In retrospect, it would have been a great idea to give myself a few more days here before starting work, but thank goodness Friday is a holiday!

life was made for good friends and great adventures

2. Get settled into my new condo.

Like I said, I’ll give you guys a wee virtual tour once things are looking the way I want them to. I’ve been reminding myself that it doesn’t all need to come together at once (as much as my type-A self would like it to), and that there’s plenty of time to find a spot for all my belongings. I had a mini celebration on Sunday night when I assembled my kitchen table and chairs (both of which are from Ikea), but the big project to come is my wardrobe. Anyone wanna help!? 😉

ikea meme

3. Take some time to relax.

I know this is a terrible example of a ‘SMART’ goal to because I haven’t made it specific or measurable in the least, but that’s ok because sometimes (and I’m learning this as I get older) fun, flexibility and spontaneity in life are needed to help us get through the times when we have to buckle down and focus. There are so many fun social things coming up with my new Vancouver friends, plus a bunch of socializing to do with my new co-workers that I can’t wait to get to know better. If these events happen to involve being outside in the fresh air and enjoying ridiculous amounts of west coast seafood, you definitely won’t hear me complaining! 😉

let go and let life happen - eat spin run repeat

And lastly, in case you wondered, it’s been pouring rain since Saturday night so I don’t have any epic, gorgeous running photos for you yet. Those will come, I promise!

Now it’s your turn! I’d love for you to tell me…

  • How was March for you?
  • What’s on tap this April? Races? Travel? Friend dates? New projects? Spring things? Tell me all about it!