Hi friends!

Happy Good Friday to you, and I hope your long weekend is off to a nice gentle start. I have to admit, I’m pretty exhausted from my first week of my new job and am really looking forward to spending some time relaxing over the next couple of days. It’s been an amazing experience so far and I definitely couldn’t ask for a warmer welcome from my new co-workers, a bit of R&R is on my agenda today! This weekend I’ve got a nice run along the Sea Wall planned, as well as some exploring of my new neighbourhood, visiting family nearby for Easter, and of course, putting together my IKEA wardrobes! Anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods today?

Work It Out

One of the major to-do’s on my list since arriving in Vancouver has been finding a gym that works well with my triathlon training schedule. As many of you know, I’m a super early riser and therefore need a gym that opens early. You might be thinking, “wait, why doesn’t she just train outside? Vancouver is beautiful and outside is open ALL.THE.TIME.” Trust me, I know. But it’s the running/cycling outside in the dark in my own that’s not so safe, so during the week, the gym is a must.

Luckily, I found an amazing Anytime Fitness location that has been working absolutely perfectly. Whenever I get into a new workout environment, it always serves as a bit of a boost to my motivation. I get this desire to try all the equipment, make up all sorts of new circuits, and of course people watch. This particular gym has a layout that I really like, with plenty of open space to do circuits, bodyweight exercises, and mat work. Today’s featured workout is one I recently created, and as the name suggests, it’s going to fire up your core (perhaps without you even realizing it.)

 The Core Control Workout

Do the exercises in the following chart 3 times through as a circuit, taking 2-3 minutes rest in between to rehydrate and relax all your hard-working muscles. The key is to keep your core activated during each move. This will not only help you keep your balance and maximize the benefits of each exercise. Use the bounding jumps at the beginning to get your heart rate up, then focus on form for the remaining ones.

Fit Bit Friday 186 - The Core Control Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Today’s tune is a really energizing, upbeat one that will fire you up in your next sweat session whether you’re spinning, running, or doing a circuit like the one above. It’s called On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix) by Luke Bond ft. Roxanne, and the slow verses mixed with high-energy chorus makes it especially fitting for intervals of hard, heart-pumping work. Enjoy!

Have A Read

Now tell me…

  • For those celebrating Easter this weekend, any big plans? What’s on the Easter dinner menu?
  • How was your week? Any victories (big or small!) to celebrate?