Happy Friday guys!

Before I get to today’s workout, remember how last week I was whining about my crappy swim experience? Well this week was a totally different story. One of my friends who is also fairly new to Vancouver told me that the Robert Lee YMCA downtown is awesome, so I decided to give it a go and sign up for a 5-session free pass.

To sum up in a sentence, it was amazing! The pool opens at 5:30am which is perfect considering I’m an early-morning person, there are several lanes available for doing laps (marked with a range of speed guidelines), and the people are super friendly. I still had to share a lane with a few others, but totally didn’t mind because they were really fun to chat to between sets. There was one dude in particular that was a really strong swimmer, so I used him as my target to catch and that definitely made me swim faster than usual. Oh, and the shower pressure…. seriously, it’s like nothing I’ve EVER seen before. Truly awesome!

I’m not sure yet if I’ll join because having 2 gym memberships is kinda spendy, but we’ll see. Considering that swimming is the part of triathlon training that I dislike most (and happens to be the least convenient), I might bite the bullet in order to have the great experience.

Ok, over to the workout I’ve got for YOU today!

Work It Out

Although my swim, bike and run workouts are prescribed to me by my coach, he still gives me a bit of room to be creative with my strength training sessions. Once or twice a week, he’ll have me do about 30 minutes of strength work of my choice, and I like to spend this time focusing on total body exercises that use as many of my swim/bike/run-related muscles as possible. Since the swim is my weakest of the 3, this usually includes a lot of pull-oriented movements.

Based on all the comments you guys left on this post about your goals, I know many of you are also hoping to compete in triathlons this year. Others are focusing on pure swimming, cycling or exclusively running, which is awesome too. Today’s workout, while geared towards developing muscles required by all 3 disciplines, will help you develop total body strength and core stability, regardless of whether you’re planning to compete in a triathlon or not. Regular strength training can reduce our risk of injury, something endurance athletes are especially prone to since we’re using the same muscles and doing the same motions repetitively in each training session. So with that said, let’s get right to it!

The Strength Training for Triathletes Workout

Do the supersets/trisets A to E below, repeating each pair (or trio for set C) of exercises 3 times before moving on to the next. Take 1 minute of rest between sets, using the time to stay hydrated and stretch. Focus on form before you try to ramp up the load too much – it’s better to have great form and lighter weights than crappy form and heavy weights.

(And I know this one looks long, but it’s not really – I just wanted to be thorough with the descriptions so you don’t get confused!)

Fit Bit Friday 188 - The Strength Training for Triathletes Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

It’s been a really long time since I gave you guys a non-EDR/dance genre tune, so I’m going to break that cycle today and give you something a little different. Recently I heard Kid Rock’s Last Kiss, and I was totally hooked by the chorus. It’s super catchy and his facial expressions, mannerisms and dirty moustache in the video make me laugh. I hope this one puts you in a great mood too!

Have A Read

Now it’s your turn! Tell me…

  • Any big plans for the weekend?
  • What component of your fitness are you working to improve right now? Mobility? Strength? Endurance? Coming back from an injury?

Last but not least, a BIIIIIIGGGG thank you to everyone who entered my blog birthday giveaway. Your goals for this year are super inspiring and you guys totally blew me away! I was smiling HUGE while reading each and every one, and love the ambition, passion and persistent attitudes that you guys have. The winner of the Vega prize pack is Alannah, but don’t forget you can still use the discount code EatSpinRun in the Vega e-store until the end of April to get 20% off plus free shipping. Thank you again SO much, and happy shopping! 🙂