Happy Friday!

Who’s ready for the weekend? THIS GIRL for sure. After a short week of getting caught back up at work, I’m headed to Squamish tomorrow for the 5 Peaks Alice Lake trail race and can’t wait to take in the atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. I’m told by many that this is one of the most beautiful races in the 5 Peaks BC series, and if you follow me on Instagram I promise you’ll get a glimpse or two!

Work It Out

It’s going to be a pretty big training weekend for me time-wise, but the workout I have for you today won’t take long at all. I’ve modified one of the sets my coach often gives me so that you can get er done in 1 hour, and you’ve got a choice here of either the treadmill or a track. I’ll preface this one by saying that it’s best for more experienced runners, but for those of you who are beginners, don’t you worry – I’ve got something coming up for ya next week so stay tuned. 😉

The Test Your Limit 800s Workout

The meaty part of this run is 6 sets of 800m at a solid effort. For the first 2, you’ll do them at an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of 9 out of 10. For the next 2, aim to hit an RPE of 9.5, and for the final 2, go for a completely all-out effort of 10. If you’re doing this on a treadmill, obviously keep it safe and in control but those last 2 should be where you completely empty the tank. In between each 800m interval (which is equivalent to 0.5 miles), walk or jog slow for 3 minutes to get as much recovery as you can. Don’t try to be a hero because the more you can get your heart rate down, the better your next 800 will be.

Fit Bit Friday 195 - The Test Your Limit 800s Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

If you need an RPE scale to refer to, here you are:

RPE Scale - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Turn It Up

This week’s tune is Close To Your Love by AtellaGali ft. Amanda Renee, and it’s yet another song I found on Spotify. While it’s not ideal for sprints or hard-charging intervals like the ones above, I really enjoy it as a warm-up song. It’s upbeat and happy, and seems to help put me in a good mental space before the real work hits. Let me know what you think!

Have A Read

Now it’s your turn! Tell me…

  • What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans?
  • For the runners out there: Do you prefer to do speedwork on a treadmill or track? I’m on the fence.. I like the track because sometimes I feel like I might fly off the treadmill, but on the other hand, I like how a treadmill forces you to maintain the same speed so you don’t have to keep checking a watch to ensure you’re running at a particular pace.