Happy Friday, friends!

How was your week? And more importantly, are you pumped for the long weekend? Labour Day totally snuck up on me and I didn’t even realize until a couple of days ago that another holiday is upon us. It feels so weird not having a big 5+ hour training session on the cards for tomorrow morning, but very liberating at the same time. What am I going to do with myself!?

I’ll tell you what. I’ll be waking up without an alarm, going for a (short!) bike ride, having some fun playing with recipes in the kitchen, and hanging out with some friends. This week’s workouts have been pretty easy after last weekend’s half Ironman, and I’m feeling really good and recovered now. Speaking of workouts, I’ve got a new one for you!

Strength doesn't come from what you can do - it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't

Work It Out

Now that my super long triathlon training sessions are out of the way (for a while, anyways) one of the things I’m looking forward to doing more frequently is strength training. It’s been a really long time since I’ve spent a solid gym session focusing on weights rather than cardio, but I tested out today’s circuit, a medicine ball workout, earlier this week and methinks you’re going to like it!

your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it

The Medicine Ball Meltdown Workout

All you’ll need for this one is a medicine ball (or two, if you prefer to have one heavy and one light one.) A mat will also help to make the glute bridge and Russian twist moves more comfortable, and you’ll find descriptions for everything below. Complete all 8 exercises in the circuit, one immediately after the next. Rest for 1 minute at the end, then repeat 2-3 times (or as many as you have time for!)

Fit Bit Friday 208 - The Medicine Ball Meltdown Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

The exercises:

Squat with overhead toss and catch: Stand holding the medicine ball with both hands. Lower into a squat, then on the way up, toss the ball overhead. Catch it as you lower into your next squat.

Reverse lunges with torso twist: Start standing with the ball held overhead. Step back into a lunge with your right leg and bring the ball down to your right side. Return to standing, then repeat on the left.

Medicine ball burpee: Start standing with the ball overhead. Lower it to the ground, hands on top. Hop feet back into high plank, then back in close to the ball. Pick it up and push it overhead as you jump to standing.

Weighted single-leg deadlifts: Hold the ball with both hands and stand up straight. Keeping left foot on the ground and left knee slightly bent, lower your torso and lift your right leg behind you until both are parallel to the floor. Let your arms hang down and aim to touch the ball to the floor before standing. Complete all reps, then switch sides.

Alternating medicine ball push-up: Start in high plank with the ball under one hand. Do a push-up, then roll the ball over to the other hand and repeat.

Single-leg balancing glute bridge: Lie on your back, arms out to the sides for balance. Push your left heel into the top of the medicine ball, placed on the floor a few inches in front of your hips. Keep the right leg straight and pointed up towards the ceiling. Raise hips until a straight line forms from your torso to your left knee, then lower and hover hips above the ground. Do all reps, then switch sides.

Russian twist: Sit on the ground, knees bent at about 90 degrees and heels lightly touching the floor. Hold the ball with both hands and lean back about 45 degrees. Rotate the ball from side to side, keeping your core engaged.

Medicine ball mountain climbers: Get into high plank, hands on top of the medicine ball. Alternate driving your knees up towards your hands quickly until all reps are complete.

Turn It Up

This week’s tune is brought to you by Cash Cash, and it’s called Surrender. I love everything about this song – the intro, the brief pauses before the chorus kicks in, and the energy throughout the entire thing. The original video for it is rather interesting and features people getting tattoos, then getting nekkid, so I figured I’d keep things tame and give you this version instead. ?

Have A Read

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear…

  • What’s one of the toughest workouts you’ve done recently?
  • What are your weekend fitness plans?

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