Last Wednesday marked the end of summer, which means it’s officially time for cozy sweaters, scarves, apples, pumpkins, scented candles, and boots. I used to loathe fall because it meant temperatures were only going to continue to drop, but this year I’m actually quite excited. Many have warned that fall can be a super dreary, rainy time here on the west coast, but as someone who left Ontario partly because it gets waaaayyyyyy too cold, the prospect of lots of rain isn’t bothering me… yet, anyway.

In addition to a new season, we’re also coming up on a new month, and that calls for another one of these…

monthly goal check-in

Here’s how things went down in September:

1. Complete my own 30-day smoothie challenge – A

Done – well, minus the 2 days that I was in Calgary. Aside from those, I hit the smoothie-a-day target. Some of the recipes were from my 30 day Smoothie Challenge e-book, and others were creations that I made up as I went along. I have to say, even though the weather is cooling off a bit, smoothie cravings seem to be hitting hard first thing in the morning after my gym sessions, even on the chilly days. Normally I’m an omelette-for-breakfast sort of girl, but knowing I’m starting off with a ton of nutrients jammed into one glass is all kinds of wonderful (and delicious too!)

Clean Green Coconut Almond Smoothie - Eat Spin Run Repeat

If you’re looking for a little blender action, the Clean Green Coconut Almond Smoothie above is a creation featured in my Instagram feed this weekend. The recipe is in the comments of that post, but you’ll also find it on my recipes page.

2. Plan a friend date at least once a week – A+

I was going to give myself a B on this one, but looking back in my calendar, it appears a lot more socializing happened than anticipated and I actually exceeded this goal! Between lunch dates, races, walks at lunch time, festivals, and group runs, I actually managed 2+ social events per week. Time flies when you’re having fun with great people, and I’m looking forward to even more Vancouver exploring in October.

3. Complete one module of a professional development course – A

I officially wrapped this one up on Friday, with 5 days to spare before the calendar page flips. (As a random aside, do kids of today actually know that before iCal and Google Calendar, people used paper calendars?) As I mentioned before when setting this goal, one of the great things about working at Hootsuite is the opportunity to see new products and developments coming down the pipe that influence the way the world uses social media. This has been a really enjoyable course and soon I’ll be digging into the more meaty material in the next sections.

On that note, if you happen to be looking for some professional development fun of your own, whether it’s to help you in your current job or help you find a new one (hello LinkedIn profile!) Hootsuite just launched Podium, which provides free online social media education for errrrrybodyYou can check it out here.

Hootsuite Podium

Now on to next month…

3 goals for October

1. Actually cook real meals

… ‘cook’ being the operative word in that phrase. You might be saying “wow, that’s a really specific, measurable goal… NOT”. But that’s ok. Basically the gist of this one is that I’ve been a lazy food blogger over the summer and most of the meals I’ve posted have been a bunch of raw veggies in some shape or form. While this is a-ok by me (in the warm months at least, when motivation to turn on the oven is ZEEE-RO), I know it doesn’t do much for those of you who want more variety. Now that it’s fall I’m digging more cooked food again and have got plenty of it coming up for you, starting this Wednesday. I hope you’re hungry. ?

avocado and onion

2. Have fun with new fitness classes

Remember in the spring when I talked about joining the YMCA for the benefit of their swimming pool, in addition to the other gym I’m a member of? Back then I had these grand intentions of doing all sorts of the Y’s fitness classes. Want to know how many I did? I’ll give you a hint: You don’t need any fingers to count. Triathlon training took up the hours I had to dedicate to fitness, but I want to have fun during my offseason and doing activities I don’t normally do. We also have free lunchtime yoga at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that’s going into the agenda too. My target is 1 new-to-me class per week, but with all the options I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more happen.

Bosu and weights

3. Stop (blog) work by 7pm every weeknight

At first when I thought about this goal, I went “wait, no, that’ll be way too hard – let’s make it 7pm by 3 nights per week, or maybe 7:30…” but then I realized that this really is something I need to do. If you’re a blogger too, you’ll know that the amount of things you could be working on for your blog are endlesssssssss and if you let them, these projects could take all day. I think part of what makes a balanced lifestyle is knowing where to draw boundaries, but when there’s something I’m really excited about, I have a tendency to ignore those boundaries and do things till they’re done, even if they’ll never truly be done.

So, as a continuation of my goal last month to get out and explore more of Vancouver, I’m challenging myself to a month of no blog work after 7pm. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I’m looking at it as an exercise in time management! Anyone care to join?

macbook on binder

Alright, now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear…

  • What goals do you have for October?
  • Do you have a hard ‘unplug time’ every night, after which you completely switch off from work?