October seems to have flown by faster than any month in 2015 so far. One of my friends happened to mention on Sunday that there are only 53 days until Christmas, and while it’s been one heck of a year so far I can’t quite believe we’re almost at the end. The thought of December being so close is a bit scary, yet at the same time, I just miiiiiiiight have started following a few Christmas playlists on Spotify this weekend. There are some absolute gems in there!

Anyways. It’s time for yet another goal check-in. Looking back at the goals I set for October, here’s how things went down:

1. Actually cook real meals – A+

YES! This HAPPENED! Here’s the evidence to prove it (and you can click the photos for the recipes if you like):

Clean Eating White Chicken Chili - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Lentil and Kabocha Squash Curry - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Cranberry Turkey Roll-Ups with Roasted Butternut Squash - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Clean Eating Pumpkin Chili - Eat Spin Run Repeat

October might have been the first month in the history of Eat Spin Run Repeat’s 5+ years that I haven’t posted a salad recipe. But for my salad-loving friends, don’t you worry – there are plenty in the hopper! There’s plenty seasonal goodness that I can’t wait to share over the coming weeks, so get hungry and watch this space!

2. Have fun with new fitness classes – D…

This is the goal that went a little sideways… but let me explain.

At the beginning of October I said I was going to do group fitness classes at the YMCA or group yoga at work, with at least one of these sessions per week. That didn’t exactly happen – as in, it didn’t happen at all. BUT that doesn’t mean I was slacking and not trying new-to-me things.

Spin class gear

Recently I fell in love with the local spin studio, Method, and I’m currently on an all-you-can-ride 1-month newbie pass. I didn’t do ANY spin classes while training for my half Ironman earlier this year because my plan was prescribed by my coach, but it’s nice to be back in a studio, sweating it up with a bunch of other hard-working early risers. Part of me misses teaching classes regularly like I did back in Ontario, but there’s so much other stuff going on and I know my schedule just doesn’t allow for it right now.

In addition to spinning (which I’ll continue into November), I’ve been swimming and doing some really fun TRX and kettlebell workouts at the YMCA, plus running purely for the love of it at my other gym. I said this in my post about embracing the offseason, but the no-plan plan has never felt so good.

3. Stop blog work by 7pm on weeknights – A+

Oh, did I ever commit to this one! My reason behind setting this goal was because I felt like when I wasn’t at work, I was doing something related to the blog ALL the time. As those of you who are bloggers know, there’s always something that you could be working on, whether it’s writing posts, planning recipes, responding to comments and emails, or creating graphics to put on social media… the list goes on and on.

Eat Spin Run Repeat blogging word cloud

I didn’t think switching everything off at 7pm was going to be easy, but it turned out that it actually was. It made me focus better during the time that I did set aside for blogging because I knew that the hours were limited. As a result, I seemed to get things done faster. I also got a heck of a lot more sleep than I’ve done in the past which feels great!

i love when it gets dark by 4pm - said no one, ever

Another factor in the mix on this one was my full-time job, which has been insanely busy lately. All that screen-staring, mental processing, problem solving and everything else definitely contributed to my desire to get a lot of rest, so I’ve spent my evenings reading, listening to podcasts, doing self-mani/pedis, relaxing while catching up with friends, and generally not stressing about all the usual little blog to do’s. And you know what? The work that needed to be done still got done.

3 goals for November 2015

Moving onwards, here’s what I’m going to get up to this month:

1. Complete the Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2016

For the past couple of years I’ve been creating and releasing a new and improved Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conqueringa downloadable guide that walks you through the process I use every year to set and accomplish goals in all areas of my life. I’ve also used this approach with some of my health coaching clients, and they too have seen some great success with it. There are more details to come, and this year I plan to launch it before Christmas so you have a chance to work through it during the holidays. In the meantime, you can check out last year’s version here.

2015 Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering - sample pages

2. Do something creative

I’ve talked before about how the cold, dreary Ontario winters I experienced up until this year were mentally tough to get through because I just hate the cold SO much. Being here in Vancouver is awesome because the snow and frigid temperatures aren’t something I’ll have to worry about, but there’s no denying that it gets very rainy and gray.

Whether I truly have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or not, I know myself well enough to understand that extra effort is required in the winter months to keep me in my usual high-spirited, positive mood. So to do this, I’m planning to take up some sort of creative endeavour outside of my usual blogging and cooking, purely for fun. I have no idea what that will be yet, but you’ll find out at the end of November!

3. Create a budget for next year

You are probably thinking, “this has got to be THE most boring goal Angela has ever set” and yes, I am 100% aware that it isn’t the sexiest of aspirations, But the reality is that life costs money, and so does triathlon, racing, food, travel, and all the other things I want to do. So this month I’ll be pulling out the calculator – and by that I mean creating an Excel spreadsheet – taking a look at all the races I’m eyeing up for 2016, as well as my current and upcoming expenses. There’s something weirdly satisfying about reaching financial goals – even if it’s just saving $10 on your grocery bill one week. I’m planning to turn it into a bit of a game for myself and November is the month for writing the rules!

Now it’s over to you! Tell me…

  • What are you working on this month?
  • How was your October?

Lastly, if you haven’t yet entered my Bombas socks giveaway, you have until tomorrow, Tuesday November 3rd at 6pm PT!