Whew – what a week! Is this whole dark-at-4pm thing seriously kicking anyone else in the butt? Because it’s certainly having that effect on me.

I’ll be catching some extra snooze time this weekend, but I’m also excited for some quality catch-up time with friends and a few good sweaty spin sessions. My love for cycling seems to have been re-ignited recently, and there’s definitely a whole lot more spinning going on in the Eat-Spin-Run-Repeat trifecta! Anyone else feeling the same?

Work It Out

Over to our weekly fitness chat, core strength is something I’ve been paying extra attention to these days. I know it’ll help once I get back into triathlon training, and it’s something I neglected specifically working on throughout the summer. Much of my strength training involves bodyweight-based exercises (hello, TRX!), but I also love using tools like stability balls and the BOSU that create instability and make my core muscles work harder. This week’s workout is one of those kinds.

The Core Sizzler Circuit Workout

For this circuit, you’ll need a BOSU, a Swiss ball, and a mat for comfort. You’ll switch back and forth from exercises done in a lying position and those done in a plank position in order to avoid your wrists, shoulders and/or hip flexors getting too tired, which I know is a common problem for some people when doing core workouts. Do the exercises below one immediately after each other, resting for one minute at the end before repeating the circuit 2-3 more times.

Fit Bit Friday 217 - The Core Sizzler Circuit Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to download the PDF.

Exercise descriptions:

BOSU spiderwoman push-ups: Get into high plank with hands on the edge of the BOSU, blue side down. Perform push-ups, and on every rep, alternate bringing a knee to the elbow on the same side. (ie. left knee to left elbow, then right knee to right elbow on the next rep, etc.)

BOSU mountain climbers: Staying in high plank on the BOSU, perform mountain climbers as usual, as fast as you can with good form.

Swiss ball ‘stir the pot’: Kneel with forearms on the Swiss ball, torso leaning forward and ankles crossed, off the floor. Slowly and with control, use your forearms to move the ball 10 circles clockwise, then 10 circles counter-clockwise. Be sure to maintain core engagement throughout.

Hands-to-feet Swiss ball pass: Lie on your back with the Swiss ball between your ankles, arms and legs elongated. Lift your arms and legs up to the ceiling at the same time, passing the ball to your hands at the top. Return to the starting position, this time with the ball overhead, and on the next rep, pass it back to your feet.

Swiss ball oblique knee tucks: Get into high plank with the Swiss ball under your shins. Alternating sides, use both legs to draw the ball up to your right wrist, back out to plank, then into your left wrist. Continue for all reps.

Flutterkick on back: Lie on your back with hands under hips, legs straight. Lift heels a 3-4 inches off the floor and do small flutterkicks for 30s, keeping the core engaged.

Up-down plank: Get into high plank on a mat. One arm at a time, lower down to low plank, then back up to high plank. That’s one rep – continue for 30s.

Turn It Up

Remember Owl City, the band that came out with songs like Vanilla Twilight, Fireflies, and Umbrella Beach back in 2009? Their songs are super soft-spoken, really chilled out, and their lead singer has a very distinct voice. I’d sort of forgotten about them for a while, but recently their new song, Verge ft Aloe Blacc, came on one of the Spotify playlists I follow and within about 5 seconds I had it marked as a favourite.

Their older songs were, as I said, exceptionally chilled out, to the extent that they worked fabulously when I was trying to fall asleep. This new one however, has more punch and energy to it. It’s a feel-good, great way to start your day kind of song. Enjoy, and if you happen to want to indulge in a little guilty pleasure, Owl City also recently did a collaboration with Hanson which you can watch here. Yes, I said Hanson. No shame.

Have A Read

Alright, now it’s over to you! Tell me…

  • What are your fitness plans for the weekend?
  • What was one great thing that happened to you week? (It doesn’t have to be huge – even the little things count!)