Hello all!

For those that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope you’re having a lovely extra-long weekend! Anyone planning to jump on the Black Friday sales today, or know of any that are too good to pass up? I’m trying to keep my retail blinders on this weekend but there are a couple of specifics I’m watching for. If anyone finds any insane flight deals for a Vancouver to Toronto-area round trip at the end of January, help a girl out and let me know!!

Work It Out

Things are getting a bit of a shake-up for this week’s workout, and that’s because I’ve just created one for The Plus Sidethe official blog for Deals Plus, which I think you’re really going to like! It’s a twist on one of the recent stability ball workouts I featured on a previous Fit Bit Friday, modified to make it more of a cardio+strength, 2-in-1 combo. That means you get more bang for your buck time-wise, and we could all use a little more time, right?!

The Holiday Fit Fix Stability Ball Workout

Unlike pretty much every single one of my previous Fit Bit Friday posts, this routine includes descriptions AND photos of me doing the exercises. Photos?! WHAT?! I know I know…. you have been asking for this for a while, and as a visual learner I totally get it! There are only so many hours in a day for blogging, but this is something I hope to be able to do more frequently in the future.

For all the specifics on this workout, suggested modifications and descriptions of each move, check out the full post here.

The Holiday Fit Fix Stability Ball Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat. A 30-minute, at-home cardio/strength combo circuit to work your full body!

Turn It Up

A couple of weeks ago I shared Elle King’s Ex’s and Oh’s video, and recently I came across another one of her songs, America’s Sweetheart. It’s got a bit of a country feel to it in the way that Ke$ha’s ‘Timber’ has a country feel – Ke$ha’s the furthest thing from country but you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

Have A Read

Now over to you! Let’s hear…

  • Any workouts you’d like to see posted here over the holidays?
  • What are your weekend fitness plans?