Guess who’s feeling ultra cheery and festive today?!!?


That’s because as of tonight it’s officially the holidays for moi, and I hope that’s the case for many of you too!

Over the weekend I’ve got some last-minute running around to do before taking off to visit the fam next week, but I’m way more excited than stressed about it and can’t wait to be up in the air and on my way. Does anyone else have any monstrous fights ahead? Mine will be about 9 hours to London and another 8 to Bahrain, but luckily I’ve got a fun visit with my sister in London to help break things up. I also have a talent for sleeping on planes, and am just hoping it holds true on this trip as well!

But….. before we talk holidays, we must talk fitness. Oh and yes, today’s pictures are brought to you by Elf. I hope it’s in your must-watch Christmas movie line-up and I really hope it’s one of British Airways’ in-flight offerings next week. 😉

Work It Out

These days it’s been super rainy here in Vancouver, so I’ve been a treadmill hamster for most of December. I get that the treadmill can seem torturous if you’re the type who always runs outside. On the other hand, if you’re a fair weather runner or if you loathe less than ideal conditions like me, it can also be your best friend. I did a post a long time ago about ways to beat treadmill boredom, and today’s workout will help you do exactly that.

The Run Run Rudolph Workout

Hop on the treadmill and begin the warm-up as indicated below. You’ll do 2 sets of a 5-4-3-2-1 set, alternating between solid efforts and easier recoveries. There are 2 chances for all-out sprints, so be sure to make the most of those and give them your all!

Fit Bit Friday 223 - The Run Run Rudolph Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

In keeping with the Rudolph theme, I couldn’t resist giving you Kelly Clarkson’s version of Run Run Rudolph as your featured tune this week. Last year I was alllll about her song Underneath the Tree from the Wrapped in Red album, but there are tons of other gems on it, including this one. Enjoy!

Have A Read

Now it’s over to you! Let’s hear…

  • What’s your holiday fitness plan (or no-plan plan)? Tobogganing? Skiing and snowboarding? Running? At-home HIIT workouts?
  • Tell me: Your annual must-watch Christmas movies. Love Actually is always at the top of my list!