Oh hey there, March!

You got here almost a week ago but I haven’t forgotten about this little monthly ritual. February was one heck of a month for work, both in my full time job and in my personal business as a blogger and freelancer. While it certainly wasn’t my most restful one, it was full of budding opportunities and chances to connect with some amazing people, both new friends and old. Since my key themes for the year is to do work that matters AND foster as much connection as possible, it was a pretty important month.

Amidst it all I had 3 goals to work on, and here’s how I did:

Successfully complete my first month of training for Ironman 70.3 Victoria – A-

This was almost entirely successful, with the exception of my motivation to swim which has been difficult to muster up. I talked all about this in last week’s half Ironman training check-in so won’t dwell on it here, but am pleased to report that we’re one week into March and things are very much on-track – including swims.

I had some really awesome #realtalk with one of my triathlon buddies at work on Friday about all things training-related, and it helped me realize that I need to calm down and not stress so much about things not going 100% according to plan – especially when there’s a huge amount of stuff happening in other areas of my life at the same time. It seems to be engrained in my personality that when I do something, I go 150% all-in, no exceptions, and I know that I’m my own worst enemy in this regard when minor slip-ups happen. I was kind of down on myself prior to that conversation, but left feeling a lot better. Now if only it would just get a bit nicer so I can transition more of my workouts outside, I’d be golden!

Vega bottle with Asics and Polar V800

Send 5 gratitude notes per week – A

This was so much fun, and I think it might have brought me more happiness than the people on the receiving end of the notes! I’ll admit that I fell a little short of my 5-note target in the last week of February, but the ones that were sent were probably the best of the entire month.

happiness cannot be traveled to - denis waitley quote

Create an anti-inflammatory meal plan for my mum – B

As I explained at the beginning of February, this was a project I decided to take on in attempt to help my mum alleviate her arthritis symptoms, which she’s currently having to take a lot of medication for. She’s promised her doctor that she’ll give the meds he prescribed 2 months, so she can’t really start my plan until April. That’s a great thing, because I’m not done yet!


So far I’ve put together a whole bunch of recipes and snacks that feature anti-inflammatory ingredients and reduce/eliminate foods that are known inflammation causers. I’m giving myself a B on this goal because even though the meals haven’t been fully planned out, I’m well on my way to having this done by the beginning of April.

Goji Kale Slaw - Eat Spin Run Repeat

So what’s happening this month? So glad you asked!

3 goals for March 2016

1. Give an awesome talk at an upcoming women’s networking event.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen me post a while ago about an upcoming event that I’m speaking at called Brand Yourself. It’s a dinner and networking function for women looking to learn more about how to grow their personal brand on social media, a topic that I LOVE geeking out on almost as much as food and fitness.

Brand Yourself Networking Dinner - Eventbrite

I’ve been preparing the talk I’ll be giving and am really excited to meet all of the lovely ladies who have already signed up to attend. f this sounds like something you’re interested in, and if you live in the Vancouver area, you can get all the details and book your tickets here.

2. Pitch content to 3 different media outlets (and hopefully get published on all 3!)

One of the things I love about being a blogger is getting to write about whatever is on my mind. My hope is that the message reaches a wide audience and (ideally) inspires as many people as possible to live healthier, more fulfilling lives, starting right now. If you’d asked me as a teenager about the creative outlets that I enjoyed, writing definitely wasn’t one of them. But these days I find it both relaxing and cathartic, especially when paired with photography, which is another skill I’ve enjoyed developing.

Blog planning sheets

While writing here on my own little corner of the internet is always fun, it’s also really fun to see my work published elsewhere. There are a few opportunities this month for some of my writing to be featured on other sites for all the world to see, and if/when these pieces go live, I’ll be sure to let you know!

3. Reinstate a minimum of 5 minutes of meditation and/or stretching per day.

If there’s one thing I’m GREAT at, it’s forgetting to make meditation a part of my daily life, and when I say forgetting, what I really mean is that I just don’t make time for it. I’ve set meditation goals many times in the past, and the times I’ve been most compliant is when I’ve got guided meditation tools to help.

Recently one of my friends at work told me about a great (totally free) meditation app she uses called Insight Timer. It’s got tons of guided meditations, some with music and some without, lasting anywhere from 1 minute to over an hour, featuring a bunch of different instructors. There’s also a fun community element to it: a world map so you can see where others using the app are meditating, and the ability to congratulate them. Awesome, right? If you want to give it a try, you’ll find it on iTunes here.

Insight Timer Screenshots

Alright, that’s all for me. But now I’d love to hear from you! Tell me…

  • How was your February? Did you set any goals for the month?
  • What’s coming up this month for you? What are you most excited about?