Oh hey there, long weekend!

I am more than ready for an extra day off over here because it as been quite the week! Having attended CHFA West last weekend and doing lots of social things, I’m very much looking forward to a slower, more relaxed long weekend. I’ll be experimenting with a couple of new recipes, heading out for a nice long run, and hopefully (if it isn’t raining) making it down to the beach to relax in the sunshine. Do you have any fun and exciting plans?

Work It Out 

This week it’s back to a run-focused workout, and it’s perfect if you’re training for a 10K because the last 5 minutes of work is a real test of your ability to push when you’re tired. Having said that, if running’s not your jam you could totally adapt this for the bike. It’s also your choice as to where you do the workout: A treadmill works for monitoring speed, but if you’d rather be outside, I’d recommend doing the first 15 minutes on a fairly flat route, then the remainder at a track where you don’t have to worry about traffic.

The Hold Nothing Back Run Workout

This workout has a gradual acceleration, up to a speed that feels hard but maintainable for 4 minutes. You’ll then descend back down over the same length of time. That’s not all though – the real challenge comes at the end with 5 1-minute sprints on 1 minute recoveries. These are meant to be done flat-out, as fast as you possibly can. Use the 1 minute recoveries to get whatever rest you possibly can (walking is a-ok!) and aim to get a little faster with each one. Of course, remember: safety first.. if you’re on a treadmill, use your own judgment with that speed button! ?

Fit Bit Friday 244 - The Hold Nothing Back Run Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

If you listen to the radio, you’ve likely heard today’s song at least 3852062 times lately but I don’t care – it’s awesome and I’m going to give it to you again! In the past I haven’t been a massive fan of Justin Timberlake (with the exception of his *NSYNC days when I was 12 and had those boys plastered all over my bedroom walls.) With that said, his new song Can’t Stop The Feeling is absolute gold, and it’s a great tune for kicking off the long weekend too!

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Have A Read

Over to you! Let’s hear…

  • Do you have any fitness adventures planned for the weekend?
  • JT’s new song: Awesome or overplayed? Or both?!