“They” say time flies when you’re having fun, and I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely been the case for me this month! May has been crazy, wonderful, exhausting, busy, exciting and overwhelming all at once, and as usual, I can’t believe it’s almost done. The fact that summer is just around the corner has got me totally pumped because there is so much to look forward to – friends coming to visit, birthdays to celebrate, shorts and flip flops, swimming and beach weekends… I’m ready for it all! But first, let’s look back on what happened this month.

(Need to catch up? Here’s the post where I declared my goals for May.)

1. Unplug more often on weekends – A

This was my favourite goal to work on because it felt SO different to my usual routine. Granted I did spend a lot of extra time in front of a screen on work, this just made me even more diligent about being really efficient with blog-related things so that I could truly relax for a large chunk of my weekends.

vermillion lakes in banff

If you caught my Disconnect to Reconnect post, it will come as no surprise that my favourite unplugged occasion this month was visiting Banff National Park in Alberta, compliments of Banff & Lake Louise Tourism. We have mountains, trails, and plenty of greenery here in Vancouver, but something just felt so different about Banff and I loved it. As someone who is always looking after herself (also know as adulting these days), it was so nice to switch off and let other people make the plans. All I had to do was show up!

Prior to the trip, I hadn’t treated myself to a massage, a pedicure, or any other sort of spa treatments in a really long time. They’ve always felt unnecessary, but the blissed out feeling I had following these experiences made me realize that self care (even if it feels indulgent at the time) truly is essential to my ability to be a better person in every facet of my life.

yoga on the docks

I’m not saying I’ll be getting massages and pedicures on the regular (because I’m not made of money) but I’m currently finding ways to incorporate similar little self care rituals more frequently. They’re the things that take my mind off of work and business-related tasks entirely – things like colouring while enjoying a delicious cup of tea, soy candles and aromatherapy, walking along the beach before or after work, afternoon naps and watching hilarious episodes of Ellen on Youtube. I’ve laughed so hard this month thanks to her!

2. Add 1-2 speed workouts to my training each week – B+

Check! It ended up being only 1 speed session per week, but they happened and boy, were they ever sweaty! I’m feeling good about the progress I’m making in my running right now, and even though I’m still not quite able to endure the fastest paces I used to train at prior to venturing into triathlon, I know I can if I keep trying hard. Right now there seems to be a strange dull ache thing going on in my left quad (literally right now as I type this), so I’m being careful with it and adjusting training accordingly.

asics fuzeX and water bottle

The speed work sessions will continue as I gear up for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon on June 26th, in addition to plenty of practice running over the one bridge that’s on the course. It’s a net downhill course, but this one particular bridge always kills me and I’m determined to change that!

3. Finish the first half of a personal development course at work – N/A.. oops!

When I set this goal, I figured my teammates at work and I would be half way into the Personal Legacy component of igolu’s Communication Series, but it turns out my dates were a little off and we won’t be kicking things off until June. I didn’t let myself off the hook though, and instead decided to download and listen to the 20 igolu podcasts on iTunes. These talked a lot about getting clear on what you want, a topic that’s really resonating with me.


Lately I’ve been thinking about how some of the biggest goals I’ve set for myself in the past have been reached, and this makes me feel so happy and thankful. At the same time, it’s got me thinking about what’s next. Whatever those things are, I want to ensure they’re 100% aligned with where I’m going in the long term, and I’m really excited to get more immersed in the igolu group sessions at work that are coming up in June because I’ll have others to chat about this with. I’ve learned that my coworkers are an insanely awesome group of individuals, and chatting with them always gives me new ideas, inspiration and perspective.

personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but of unlearning old limits - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Moving along to next month…

3 goals for June 2016

1. Get away from my desk at least twice per week at lunchtime

Guys, I’ve got an unhealthy confession to make. In the past I’ve been a huge advocate and example of taking a mid-day break and getting away from my screen, but I’ve been sucking at it lately. I’m in a place where I’m so in love and passionate about my work and the people I work with, and some days it still feels too good to be true. The downside of this however, is that it makes it that much easier to invest a lot of extra time and energy – some of which should be invested in myself.

almost every successful person begins with 2 beliefs- the future can be better than the present, and i have the power to make it so - eat spin run repeat

I won’t go on about why it’s important to take a break in the middle of the day because we all know the answer. Instead, I’m committing to doing this twice (yes, baby steps) per week. These breaks will involve eating lunch outside with friends, walking down to the beach, and yoga… and I’m excited for all those things!

2. Go on at least 2 hikes

This is something I’ve talked about looking forward to ever since I made the decision to drop half Ironman training earlier this year, and now it’s time to stop talking about it and actually DO it! The Grouse Grind is calling my name and I’m also keen to explore some of the other mountains nearby. To my local friends: watch out, because I’m going to be hitting you up with invites soon!

Grouse Grind

3. Run my best half marathon

I didn’t say run a PR in this half marathon, and that’s not because I don’t think it’s doable. I’ve talked before about how I like to have non-time goals in addition to time goals when racing because there are SO many factors beyond our control that can affect the number on the clock. As far as time goes, I would be over the moon if I can make the Scotiabank Vancouver Half another sub-1:30 half marathon. But to me, there are many other things that, in my opinion, make a ‘best race’:

  • I want to be as well-prepared as possible, which means nothing but high quality nutrition, plenty of sleep and solid training (not too much, not too little) leading up to the race.
  • I want to stay mentally positive throughout, including on the start line which is always tough for me.
  • I want to stay mentally tough when all the things start to hurt, and use it as motivation to dig deeper.
  • I want to put my race nutrition protocol to work, taking on one gel and staying hydrated throughout the course (how much fluid depends on how hot it is)
  • I want to celebrate with friends afterwards. All the high 5’s. All the smiles. All the selfies.

after seawheeze at kits beach with christina and danielle

So there you have it! Now I’d love to hear from you…

  • What was the highlight of May for you?
  • What have you got your sights set on in June?