I’ve never considered myself a super trendy type when it comes to fashion, and aside from a brief period of time in my teenage years where Freddie Prinze Jr was plastered all over my bedroom walls, celebrity gossip has never really been something I’ve followed closely.

When it comes to food however, I love learning about and test-driving new trends. I get super excited about the Canadian Health Food Association’s trade shows every year, and changing food trends are part of the reason behind my motivation to continue blogging after 6 (whaaat???) years. Thanks to highly visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, everyone knows what everyone else is eating – and not eating – and unlike magazines and TV, celebrities share the spotlight with superstars like eggs and avocados.

avocado and eggs

As I’m sure you noticed, 2015 seemed to be the year of avocado toast. 2014 was about roasted cauliflower, and, well, I suppose you could say #yolkporn has been going strong for quite a while now. But back to avocado toast. There are a squillion ways to top it and the base can be anything from dark rye bread to a big fat slice of your favourite crusty French loaf – that is, if your digestive system is ok with gluten. For the rest of us, the options are a little more limited.

Some experts suggest that sourdough is an a-ok bread for people with gluten sensitivities (and perhaps even celiacs) due to the fact that it’s fermented. But aside from this, finding a gluten-free loaf that’s actually healthy can require a lot of label reading – not to mention that it can be quite spendy. That is until now….

sweet potato toast everywhere

Enter the sweet potato, a totally not-new vegetable, yet at the same time, bread’s latest competition. Over the past month or so I’ve seen sweet potato toast popping up all over Pinterest.. and now that I think about it, maybe this just means I’ve been spending way too much time there. How-ev-errrrr….. because my brain was bursting with flavour combinations (many of which include the trusty avocado), I decided to whip up a whole bunch this weekend – a sweet potato toast buffet, if you will.

sweet potatoes

I don’t own a toaster, so instead I peeled my sweet potatoes and slicing them into rectangles about 2″ wide by 3″ long by 1/2″ thick.

sliced sweet potato

After about 20 minutes of roasting in the oven, they were ready to get dressed up. Here’s the best of the bunch:

Trending Now - Sweet Potato Toast - Eat Spin Run Repeat

1. Smashed edamame (edamame + lime juice + tamari) + smoked salmon + sesame seeds

smashed edamame smoked salmon and sesame sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

2. Hummus (chickpeas + tahini + garlic + lemon + parsley) + cucumber + avocado + sprouts

3. Strawberries + coconut yogurt + toasted coconut flakes

4. Mashed lentils + parsley + balsamic vinegar + cherry tomatoes + red onion + mint

lentil tomato and onion sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

5. Guacamole + poached egg + sliced avocado + paprika (because if one layer of avocado is good, 2 is better)

avocado poached egg and guacamole sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

6. Beet hummus (roasted beets + hummus + fresh ginger + lemon juice) + cucumber + white beans + dill + red onion

white bean cucumber and beet sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

7. Hummus + cucumber + red onion + carrot

hummus carrot onion and cucumber sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

8. Mashed peas + dill + cucumber + shrimp

smashed pea cucumber and shrimp sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

9. Coconut yogurt + blueberries + almonds + pepitas

blueberry almond pumpkin seed sweet potato toast

10. Mashed avocado + radish + sprouts

radish sprout and mashed avocado sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

11. Almond butter + banana + cinnamon

peanut butter and banana sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

12. Beet hummus + smoked salmon + dill

ginger beet smoked salmon sweet potato toast - eat spin run repeat

So tell me:

When it comes to food trends, what are…

  • Some of your favourites? Food blog trends-wise, two of mine are eggs and/or avocado on anything and banana soft-serve ice cream. More wide-spread favourite trends are at-home fermentation (kimchi and kombucha),  eating locally and sustainably, and farm-to-table restaurants.
  • Some you can’t stand or haven’t get jumped on the bandwagon for? I’m not a coffee drinker in the first place, so the whole Bulletproof/butter coffee thing isn’t something I’ve gone for. And as much as I wish I could say I love drinking coconut water straight-up, I can only really handle it in smoothies.