Happy Friday, friends!

This has been one of those all over the place, highs-and-lows sort of weeks. It began with the lowest of the lows: a killer migraine that had me knocked out for literally the entire day on Sunday. Knowing that migraines usually have me out of commission for a solid 24 hours, I didn’t think I was going to be able to make my 7am flight to Dallas on Monday for the marketing conference I was attending through work. Sunday was meant to be my day for packing, so I hadn’t even done that yet, nor had I given much thought to what to bring. If I was going to go, I’d need to leave home by 4:45am which would mean getting up at awful o’clock to get the job done.

If you can, picture a very distressed me, lying in bed, cold cloth over my eyes, bedside table covered in every possible migraine remedy, phone in hand, bawling my eyes out to my mum (because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you’re sick – even as an adult?) That’s what the scene looked like, while what felt like a herd of elephants stampeded through my head. Not pretty in the slightest.


Thank goodness (and somewhat magically), the drugs finally kicked in around 10pm. I slept like a baby from 10-3 and woke up feeling gross, but at least like a functioning human again. The flight was fine and although the first day in Texas definitely wasn’t my best, Tuesday and Wednesday were awesome. I went to sessions and talked to digital marketers in similar roles to me from companies like Sur La Table, Harry and David, JC Penney, HSN, Nieman Marcus, Macy’s, Ogilvy & Mather, Sephora, Fossil and Ulta. There were talks about everything digital from email marketing + automation (my jam) and ecommerce to display ads, virtual/augmented reality, customer experience and social media. It was pretty much 2 days packed solid with digital retail geekery and I loved it. For anyone else out there who works in Digital Marketing in the retail industry, definitely check out shop.org next year!

Work It Out

While in Dallas, we managed to score an absolutely stunning hotel with a very newly remodelled gym. As you can imagine, this had me super excited to sweat. After 4 weeks of not being able to run due to my adductor injury, plus 2 days of zero workouts post-migraine, I think I’m very nearly back to my normal self. That self wants to be sweaty and run ALL THE MILES.


Speaking of sweat, I’ve got a good one for you today. It’s another simple, no-equipment workout which many of you keep telling me you like, so I’ll keep them coming. All you need is about 15-20m of runway to move along – a hallway, outside, hotel gym or park are perfect.

The No-Equipment Traveler Workout

Repeat the circuit below 5 times. If you’d like to add a bit of a competitive element, try to do each round faster than the last. Alternatively, do it with a travel buddy and see who completes it all first. Rest if you need to between rounds, but if you can, go straight through to the end. There will be plenty of time to recover when you’ve finished!

Fit Bit Friday 263: The No-Equipment Traveler Workout

Click here to print the workout.

Exercise Descriptions:

  • High knees: Run on the spot, keeping a tall spine and driving your knees up to your chest.
  • Bounding burpees: Place your hands on the ground and hop back into high plank as you would if doing a regular burpee. Hop feet back in, and as you jump up, jump forward at the same time, landing in a squat. That’s 1 rep. Drop your hands to the ground, hop into high plank and continue for rep 2.
  • Walking lunges: Perform alternating lunges while walking. Hands can be overhead or at hips.
  • Bottom half squat jacks: Get into a wide stance and bend at the knees in a shallow squat. Keeping hands wherever they’re comfortable, hop your feet together and apart again, just like jumping jacks. However, be sure to stay in the crouched position. This will work your lower body much more than regular jumping jacks.
  • Long jumps with shuffle back: Start with feet together, knees slightly bent. Using arms for momentum, jump forward as far as you can. Quickly shuffle your feet back to the start position and repeat.
  • Traveling push-ups: Get into high plank and do a push-up. Move your right hand a few inches forward, followed by your left hand and feet. Do another push-up, then move forward a few more inches.
  • High plank shoulder taps: Get into high plan and alternate tapping left fingers to right shoulder, right fingers to left shoulder, as fast as you can.
  • Inchworms: Start standing, then walk hands forward on the ground until your body is in high plank. Keeping hands planted, walk your feet forward to meet your hands. Walk your hands forward again until in high plank, and repeat cycle for all reps.

Turn It Up

I have Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist to thank for this discovery, Hurricane by MisterWives. It wouldn’t necessarily call it a workout song, but it’s great for cool-downs. Not sure about you, but I find that sometimes having good music to stretch and foam roll to helps me to stick at it for longer. Enjoy!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Have A Read

So tell me…

  • What was the highlight of your week?
  • Have you done any great professional development/career development courses lately? What did you learn about?