How are you doing today? This has been a pretty intense week mentally for me, not in a stressful way but just in a mind-always-on sort of way. With that in mind, I’m really looking forward to a rejuvenating weekend. I’m designating tomorrow as a Self Care Sunday and plan to fill it with hot yoga, some DIY spa action (long shower, mani, pedi, facial), a turmeric latte and maybe even a long walk with one of my friends to the beach if the sun decides to come out. I’m starting to feel relaxed just thinking about this!

oh friday let me hug you

Moving on to our usual Friday banter…

Work It Out

Have I ever got a good one for you this week (she says, with a sly grin across her face. ?) I tested this workout on Tuesday after doing a few sets of heavy-ish back squats and split squats, so my legs had already had a bit of action prior to starting. Feel free to do the same if you want to kick up the intensity, but know you can use this workout on its own as well. It’s got both strength and cardio components, so if you don’t have time to do much before or after, you’ll still be able to get a solid sweat on. Watch out for the finisher at the end – it’s a stinger!

how i feel when i start to see new muscles

The Legs on Fire Workout

Complete the circuit below 4 times through, stopping only if you need to. Your heart rate should come up for the box jumps, dumbell burpees and skipping, whereas the focus for the sumo squats and walking lunges is more on muscle contraction. When you’ve finished, complete the squat jump/air squat finisher, then cool down and foam roll.

Fitness Friday 287- The Legs on Fire Workout - a solid leg-focused sweat session that combines strength and cardio for one killer workout. via Eat Spin Run Repeat // @eatspinrunrpt

Click here to print/download the PDF.


  • Kettlebell sumo squats: Hold a single heavy kettlebell by the horns with both hands and take a wider than normal squat stance, pointing toes slightly out. Squat slowly, focusing on muscle engagement the whole time.
  • Dumbell burpees: Perform regular burpees while keeping the dumbells in your hands. When jumping up, hold the dumbells at your sides.
  • Uneven dumbell walking lunges: Hold a dumbell in each hand, pointing one straight up to the ceiling and letting the other hang down by your side. Do 10 reps with this setup, then switch arm positions and do the other 10.

Turn It Up

Today’s song isn’t necessarily just for workouts, but one that puts me in an awesome mood no matter when I listen to it. It’s a mash-up of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Gwen Stefani, the Spice Girls (YES!) and several more. Enjoy!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Have A Read

Now let’s hear from you! What are your favourite ways to get a killer lower body workout? As much as I love a good hill sprint session and some heavy barbell squats, I’ve also been into barre classes. Those get me shaking like nothing else!