Happy Friday, friends!

How’s your week been? It’s been a little crazy over here in my neck of the woods, but I’m off on a little adventure to Pemberton and Whistler this weekend which I’ve been looking forward to all month long. One of my best work buddies and I will be doing a hike we’ve both been dying to see ever since we moved to BC. In addition to the stunning views of mountains, glaciers and lakes, we’ll spend some time rewarding our efforts with some delicious food, time spent poolside, and maybe some yoga too. I wish every weekend could be like this one!

Moving right along, I promised a workout for you guys this week, and since it’s getting closer to Seawheeze, I’ve been doing a bit more running recently. (Don’t be mistaken – endurance training has NOT been the focus of my training at all these days and as I mentioned here, so year’s race is going to be more of a fun one than a full-on race!) The treadmill session you’ll find below was made up on a whim earlier this week, and while it certainly proved to be plenty challenging, it was also an awesome endorphin rush. Instead of keeping all that goodness to myself, I thought I’d share. ?

Eat Spin Run Repeat by Angela Simpson, culinary nutrition expert, coach and blogger. Healthy recipes, workouts, goal setting strategies and more!

Work It Out

This run is 35 minutes long, and in it you’ll pack some short intervals and a little bit of tempo work. Recoveries on the intervals in the second half of the workout are longer since I know you’ll be more tired by that point, but the main reason for that longer break is so that you can still give 100% in each one – even when your legs are tired.

The Hit Your Stride Run Workout

Either on a treadmill or outside, follow the instructions below and aim to match RPE (rate of perceived exertion) indicated in the far right column.

Fitness Friday 301- The Hit Your Stride Run Workout - This interval run can be done outdoors or on a treadmill. Get ready for an epic endorphin high! || Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print/download the PDF.

Turn It Up

There have been so many great additions to my workout playlists recently, and this week’s shoutout is for Air I Breathe by CrystalyneLike so many dance/pop songs, it starts out with a nice calm bit, builds, and if you time it juuuuuust right, you can get the beat to hit right before the first 30s interval in the workout above.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Have A Read

Now let’s hear from you… what are you getting up to this weekend? Any vacations/staycations on your agenda?