Buckwheat Nourish Bowls with Tahini Lemon Dressing

Made with gluten-free buckwheat groats, these bowls are a super nourishing and satisfying lunch that can be prepared ahead of time in big batches. Pack it to go, or enjoy at home.


For the buckwheat:

For the rest:

Tahini Lemon Dressing


Cook the buckwheat: Strain and rinse the buckwheat groats with cold water. Pour the groats into a pot with 1 cup water and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, cover with a lid and cook for 10 minutes or until tender. Once ready, drain any remaining liquid and toss the buckwheat with the fresh herbs and lemon juice.

Make the dressing: Shake up all ingredients in a jar until well combined. Thin with water if needed. (Note that the dressing will thicken when chilled in the fridge, so you may want to add more water later.)

In a large bowl, massage the shredded kale in 1-2 tbsp of the dressing. Prepare the radishes and cucumber as directed and add them to the bowl with another tablespoon of dressing, tossing to coat.

Distribute the herbed buckwheat between two bowls, following with the kale mixture. Top with avocado slices, seeds, sprouts and boiled eggs. Garnish with lemon wedges (which can be squeezed over top) and serve with any remaining dressing on the side if desired.


While buckwheat is technically a seed not a grain, and therefore is gluten-free, it’s still important to look for certified gluten-free groats, especially if you have Celiac disease. This is because many places where the buckwheat is packaged also process gluten-containing grains. I use Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat groats, which can be found here.