Cardio Deck December Challenge

Cardio Deck December Challenge from Eat Spin Run Repeat

While the weather outside is getting WAY too cold for my liking, I’m heating thing up inside with my new Cardio Deck December Challenge. Over the course of the month, you can expect 5 cardio workouts that use a variety of machines found on the cardio floors of most gyms. As always, be sure to take them at your own pace if you’re new to exercising and make the necessary adjustments for your fitness level. Just promise me one thing: Don’t stop till you’re sweaty! Feel free to do these workouts several times each week in combination with a few strength training sessions and a good stretch after each one. Let’s get those endorphins flowing!

  • Workout 1 – Cross Trainer – posted November 30th
  • Workout 2 – Bike – posted December 7th
  • Workout 3 – Step Mill – posted December 14th
  • Workout 4 – Treadmill – posted December 21st
  • Workout 5 – The cardio deck triathlon! – posted December 28th