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Goal Setting

29 Feb, 2016

Ironman 70.3 Victoria Training Check-In – Part 2

Four weeks in, fifteen weeks to go until race day, and welcome to my second Ironman 70.3 Victoria training check-in! I've got lots to report back on, but if you hang on till the end there's a giveaway to enter. ;) Psst... missed the first one? Catch up by reading it here. My first month of proper training [...]

8 Feb, 2016

January Goal Check-In + 3 for February 2016

For almost as long as this blog has been around, I've been sharing monthly goal check-ins. This is by far one of the biggest things that has kept me accountable over the years, which is why I fully intend to keep them coming. Even if you aren't a blogger and therefore don't have a very public platform [...]

25 Jan, 2016

Ironman 70.3 Victoria Training Check In – Part 1

As I was typing the title of this blog post, I got really really excited. If you were reading along last year, you may remember that I did a series of 6 posts in the lead up to my first half Ironman, Challenge Penticton on August 30th. Well my friends, it's time to restart that [...]

18 Jan, 2016

15 more big questions to answer in your journal

Many of the self development philosophies and exercises that have become popular over the past couple of years center around cultivating your ideal feeling. When I think about feelings, I also think about emotions. Neuroscientists and psychologists would argue that the two are distinctly different because they originate from different areas of the brain and blah [...]

11 Jan, 2016

A reader’s story: Finding happy on the inside

Not long ago I was chatting to a new friend who asked me about what I do for work. If you're a blogger, or if you also pursue a side passion outside of your full time job, you'd probably agree that the answer to this question isn't often a short one. I responded saying that I'm a marketing [...]

4 Jan, 2016

2016 Goals and Vision Board: Connect and Do What Matters

Well hello there! Welcome to my annual post all about vision boarding, goals, great ambitions and what's to come for the year ahead. I'm not sure about you, but over the holidays I was thinking a LOT about all of this. It's not that January is particularly magical or anything - it's just a month, and really, any [...]

14 Dec, 2015

The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2016 is HERE!!

Yep it's true - the brand new shiny Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering for 2016 has arrived! Guys, I'm pretty darn excited about this. Not just because I managed to keep my promise of having this ready for you well before Christmas, but also because this year's guide is (if I may say so myself) the most [...]

30 Nov, 2015

November Goal Check-In and 3 for December 2015

Hi guys! How are ya this morning? I hope your weekend was lovely. Despite fighting off a lingering cold ('tis the season) mine was a lot of fun and involved a spin class, a tasty brunch and some painting, but more on that in a second! I managed to cross several goals that I set [...]

16 Nov, 2015

Mastering a Better Mindset

Isn't it funny how as you grow up, your perspective on things changes dramatically? I remember back in primary school, where my main priorities included ensuring my friends and I got to the cafeteria early at lunch time so we could get 'our table', and walking home fast enough to be in front of the TV [...]

9 Nov, 2015

Life Lessons: Where could you add two extra gears?

A lot of the life lessons I've learned have been taught to me through athletics. Those of you who were reading along this summer may remember that the biggest lesson I learned as a 26 year old was patience - patience in training for my half Ironman, in my career, in adjusting to my new city. [...]

2 Nov, 2015

October Goal Check-In and 3 for November 2015

October seems to have flown by faster than any month in 2015 so far. One of my friends happened to mention on Sunday that there are only 53 days until Christmas, and while it's been one heck of a year so far I can't quite believe we're almost at the end. The thought of December being [...]

26 Oct, 2015

Embracing the Off-Season

One of the biggest things I've learned over the last couple of years is the importance of taking an off-season. When I was in university and in my early 20s, I'd pretty much train hard year-round, no matter if I had races coming up or not. I guess part of me just wanted to be [...]

12 Oct, 2015

8 Inspiring TED Talks on Gratitude

Before moving to Vancouver, I lived in Waterloo for almost 10 years. For those that don't know, Waterloo is a medium-sized city about an hour west of Toronto. It's a fairly wealthy, tech-driven place with plenty of parks, green spaces, and character. It's home to two universities, a college, lots of families, and generally, Waterloo [...]

5 Oct, 2015

A Pre-Kona Interview with Triathlete Steph Corker

GUYS. Only 5 more sleeps till the Ironman World Championships go down in Kona! Are you excited? Because I certainly am. You may have caught my interview with pro triathlete Angela Naeth a couple of weeks ago, and I have yet another one to share with you, this time with one of my age group athlete inspirations, [...]