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Goal Setting

1 Aug, 2016

Long weekend adventures in Salt Spring Island

The first week of the month is supposed to be a goal check-in here on the blog, but after having been away for a killer weekend of outdoor adventuring, I can’t not tell you about this instead. At the beginning of July, one of my goals was to go on at least 2 weekend adventures. [...]

4 Jul, 2016

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2016

I recall reading several times that the older you get, the faster time flies. I don't like to think about 27 as old, but the whole saying about time getting faster is definitely true! It blows my mind that we're in July already, but I always love doing these monthly reviews because they make me remember [...]

27 Jun, 2016

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon 2016 Recap

You know that feeling of going out for a run, feeling strong, smooth and speedy? The wind is in your hair, you're in a rhythm that makes your stride almost effortless, and the flow of endorphins makes you want to run all day? It's pure bliss. Unfortunately, that was not what my Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon [...]

13 Jun, 2016

8 Productivity Tips for the Multi-Passionate

Over the past couple of months I've met a lot of new people for the first time. We've talked about our jobs, what we do on the weekends, plans for the summer and things that get us excited. Just like when I'm asked where I'm from, the answer to the question "what do you do [...]

6 Jun, 2016

Reader’s Request: 8 Tips for New Runners

Hey friends! How was your weekend? Did you get up to any fun and exciting adventures? I had THE most glorious long run yesterday morning. I went to bed on Saturday night almost giddy with excitement because I knew Sunday was going to be a lovely, sunny day, and was up and out the door [...]

30 May, 2016

May Goal Check-In and 3 for June 2016

"They" say time flies when you're having fun, and I don't know about you, but that's definitely been the case for me this month! May has been crazy, wonderful, exhausting, busy, exciting and overwhelming all at once, and as usual, I can't believe it's almost done. The fact that summer is just around the corner has [...]

16 May, 2016

Disconnect to Reconnect: Why You Need A Weekend Wellness Getaway

It's not often that we allow ourselves the opportunity to escape the demands of our every-day lives, disconnecting from technology, work, responsibilities and our to-do lists. We live in a time where content consumption has reached a peak, information is coming at us constantly, and whether we know it or not, and our brains are constantly [...]

9 May, 2016

April Goal Check-In and 3 for May 2016

Oh hello there! This post is coming at ya one week later than usual because I really wanted to share my BMO Half Marathon recap with you guys last week. We're already a week into May and I've got some fun new things to tell you about, but first, an April goal check-in is in order. It was a big, [...]

2 May, 2016

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon Race Recap

Well it's certainly been a while since the last one of these! Yesterday was a day that I'm sure all the non-runners in Vancouver loathe because of inconvenient road closures: The BMO Vancouver Half Marathon and Marathon. As I was driving to the race expo on Saturday afternoon, I realized that the last race I did was Challenge [...]

25 Apr, 2016

6 more ways to calm pre-race nerves

Wayyy back in July of 2014, I wrote this post about 6 ways to calm pre-race nerves. Feel free to go back and read it if you like, but in a nutshell, I gave these tips: Do more races Pack the night before Have a plan (and a few plan Bs) Think about it as a big [...]

11 Apr, 2016

The Art of Letting Go

Over the past week I got a couple of emails with questions like... "Angela, you didn't do an Ironman Victoria 70.3 training check-in for March... How's training going?" "Angela, you didn't post your half Ironman training schedule for April... is it the same as March?" "Angela, you haven't mentioned triathlon in a few weeks. What's going [...]

4 Apr, 2016

March Goal Check-In and 3 for April 2016

Hold on to your hats folks, because this was quite possibly one of the biggest game-changing months of my life so far. Well, aside from March of last year when I moved to across the country, I suppose. And for those wondering, no, I'm not getting married and I'm not pregnant. But first, let's look back [...]

14 Mar, 2016

An experiment in channeling feminine energy

As someone who has a full-time job and a business on the side, it can be really easy to get caught up in the day to day to-do's. If you're a blogger, perhaps you've felt the same. Your to-do's might look something like mine: Planning recipes Making and photographing recipes Editing photos Writing a post Inserting [...]

7 Mar, 2016

February Goal Check-In and 3 for March 2016

Oh hey there, March! You got here almost a week ago but I haven't forgotten about this little monthly ritual. February was one heck of a month for work, both in my full time job and in my personal business as a blogger and freelancer. While it certainly wasn't my most restful one, it was full [...]