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11 May, 2016

Spring Pea Quinoa Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

It's getting to be that wonderful time of year again. The sun is up longer and the temperatures are rising. Shorts and flip flops are coming out of hibernation, and in my case, so are my shockingly white legs. The prospect of unwinding after work on a patio, lying on the grass in a park, or going [...]

27 Apr, 2016

Glowing Green Kale Salad

This weekend I had what I like to call a house cat Saturday and it was marvellous. You see, on most weekends, I'm all about being outside, seeing friends, relaxing and going on adventures. Having been in Vancouver a year (where does time go!?) I've definitely found some favourite spots, but there are still tons [...]

6 Apr, 2016

Za’atar Roasted Chickpea Salad with Garlic Tahini Dressing

Hoooooooooly smokes, has this ever been a wild week - and it's only Wednesday! Firstly, thank you guys SO much for all of your amazing comments and emails in response to my news on Monday. I'm so grateful to have such supportive readers, and your notes totally made my day. Seriously, THE BEST = YOU. You [...]

23 Mar, 2016

Rainbow Celebration Salad

Oh HI! I have salad to share with you today, but we'll get to that in a second. Have you ever experienced a moment where you've felt completely, ridiculously, unbelievably grateful and happy for everything about your life? To the point where you practically wake up with a smile on your face and, just like a [...]

27 Jan, 2016

Roasted Cauliflower, Zucchini and Artichoke Salad

You know how 'they' say that good things come in threes? I'm finding more and more reasons these days to believe that it's very true. Example 1: Triathlon. Three sports - swimming, cycling and running - all tied into one challenging but supremely rewarding race. Training for such an event requires not only cardiovascular endurance, but [...]

6 Jan, 2016

Fresh Start Superfood Salad

Originally published January 2016, updated September 2017 Alright friends. Do me a quick favour. Take a peek outside. What do you see? Probably not sunflower seeds, I know. But unless you live somewhere nice and hot where winter doesn't exist, my guess is that white and various shades of gray and brown might be what [...]

30 Dec, 2015

Cranberry Walnut Wild Rice Salad

Hello from Bahrain, one last time! Pretty soon I’ll be on my way home, stopping one more time in London to stay with my sister before flying back to Vancouver. For the majority of this trip the wifi at my dad’s house has been having problems (as in it hasn’t worked) so my plan for a [...]

2 Dec, 2015

Rosemary Rainbow Carrot and Lentil Salad

It's post-Thanksgiving both north and south of the border now, and - oh wait - it's also December! Not long now folks - you've got 23 days until Christmas and I'd expect you're probably attending at least a few holiday parties over the next couple of weeks... am I right? If that's the case, perhaps you're [...]

25 Nov, 2015

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Remember when Brussels sprouts were the vegetable that nobody except your grandma liked? I think it's safe to say that the B-sprout is having a moment - or perhaps even a decade. Every fall I go absolutely nuts for Brussels sprouts, roasting enough baking trays of the balsamic-coated little gems as I possibly can. You [...]

23 Sep, 2015

Mango Curried Cucumber Noodle Salad

Over the weekend I flew to Calgary for the wedding of one of my childhood besties. It was a quick trip, only a 1-hour flight, and all the celebrations were a ton of fun. On Sunday morning my mum and I were up at 6 and on our way to the airport to catch our flights [...]

16 Sep, 2015

Tuna and Quinoa Tabbouleh

Happy humpday! Today’s actually more like a Thursday for me because tomorrow I’ll be jet setting alllll the way over to Calgary. 1 hour flight = totally not jet setting, but let’s pretend. It’s been over 5 years since I last visited my home province of Alberta, and about 10 since my last trip to [...]

9 Sep, 2015

Curried Rice, Chicken and Apple Salad

Originally published September 2015, updated September 2017. Let's talk about lunch. Back in the day when I was a little kiddie, my mum had my sister and I packing our own school lunches. This was an activity we had to do each evening, not in the morning before dashing out the door, or else we risked losing [...]

19 Aug, 2015

Goji Kale Slaw

You know when you come back from vacation and your kitchen feels a bit like foreign territory because you haven't cooked a meal in it for so long? That's sort of how I felt when I woke up on Monday morning. Normally my cutting board and favourite knife barely have time to try before their [...]

5 Aug, 2015

Broccoli Pecan Salad

How do you turn broccoli haters into broccoli lovers? You could puree, pulse, or otherwise pulverize it into unrecognizable smithereens and hide it in some sort of mysterious casserole or soup. But casseroles and soups are for fall, and it is absolutely 100% NOT fall yet. To the lady I overheard the other day talking [...]